Occupation surgeon: a description of the pros and cons.

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you ever wondered what kind of role in the life of each of us plays a doctor?After all, when we turn to the medical establishment, we hand the people who work there, their lives.There are cases where no surgery a surgeon to save the life of a person is simply impossible.Occupation Surgeon gives people a second life.But despite this the disadvantages of this activity, there are also a considerable number.

little history

word "surgeon" is of Greek origin and means "working hands".The surgeon - a specialist who passed Specialized training aimed at the study of the theoretical and practical activities on the identification of disease or injury and their treatment by surgery.

Surgery as a craft known to people since ancient times.How many people, for so long, and there are a variety of diseases.And, of course, a reflex of self-preservation calls not reconciled with disabilities, and to overcome them in various ways, including a method of penetration into the interior of the human body.Initially, the level of such interventions were far from modern.The first operation in today's sense of the term dates back to the XVI century.During this period the surgeons and as such it was not, and the people who conducted the surgery, called barbers.But if you treat the internal organs through direct contact with them more or less learned how to save the patient from the terrible pain that accompanies it during surgery, it remained a mystery until the mid XIX century.And only after invented anesthesia and surgery as a separate branch of medicine began to develop dizzying pace.

Occupation Surgeon: description and characteristics

surgery - one of the areas of medical practice, wherein the special importance and complexity.Work surgeons can not be ignored and can not understand: they reduce a dislocation excised tumor formation, carried out complex surgery, sewed up deeper cuts and wounds, plastic surgery is performed.

Occupation surgeon - a socially significant activity with increased responsibility.Surgeon trust money or property, or any other benefits, he was responsible for human life.A high level of social significance due to the fact that modern medicine, particularly surgery, reached the heights in its development due to which there was an opportunity to carry out the most complex operations, the success of which human life depends.

Occupation surgeon considered vysokovostrebovannoy among all segments of the population due to the constant rise in demand for surgical services.

The main tasks surgeon include:

  • diagnosis of the disease;
  • definition of causal disease;
  • operational assistance (the operation);
  • postoperative observation of the patient.

Plastic surgery as a separate branch of Aesthetic Medicine Aesthetic Medicine

involves working in areas of "surgery" and "Maxillofacial Surgery".Plastic surgery - one of the surgical areas.

to become a surgeon, esthete, you must first complete a full 5-year course of study at the Medical University, subordinaturu specialty "Surgery" (training in a particular specialty), residency in "plastic surgeon".

often a plastic surgeon profession like dentists as they are perfectly aware of the structural features of the face and jaws.

To date, the growth in demand for the services of a surgeon has been due precisely to the development of plastic surgery.She is considered to be the most profitable area of ​​surgical activity, because these people "create" the beauty of the dictation of a patient, for which, in most cases, are the well-known political figures, stars, singers, actors and so on. E., As they are for their looks readyshell out a fortune.

Occupation surgeon: the pros and cons

wishing to become a good surgeon a lot - every second or third medical school student chooses specialization "Surgery".But because of the complexity of the profession and its importance is not every applicant will be able to overcome all the trials in the establishment.It is not uncommon when a beginner surgeon refuses to continue the work, because the work involves a surgeon:

  • irregular work schedules;
  • nonstandardized exercise;
  • responsible for the patient's life;
  • moral and emotional exhaustion and guilt if the operation failed;
  • incurring criminal liability in the case of incompetence;
  • a permanent risk of contracting AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis;
  • low wages in public health facilities.

addition profession there are shortcomings and visible benefits.

Pros profession surgeon:

  • helping people;
  • save lives (in the case of successful surgical interventions);
  • awareness of its relevance and importance of their profession;
  • high level of wages in the most prestigious clinics in private ownership.


surgery is needed:

  • good health;
  • stable nervous system;
  • responsibility;
  • confidence in themselves and in their abilities;
  • willpower;
  • determination;
  • emotional stability;
  • patience;
  • endurance;
  • communication skills;
  • politeness;
  • care.


Occupation surgeon requires higher medical education, which is obtained after passing the full five-year training program at a single medical prophylactic (pediatric or, in the case of pediatric surgery) department of the University.

sixth year of training already includes programs directly related to surgical operation.

Which institutions can operate surgeon?It

institutions such as:

  • public hospitals;
  • sanatorium;
  • dispensaries;
  • emergency station;
  • private clinics;
  • medical schools;
  • universities of medical specialization;
  • scientific organizations;
  • Rescue people;
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • organization of military affairs;
  • organizing sports profile.

Salaries and career ladder

Labour surgeon - skills, which depend on people's lives.It turns out that the surgeon gives people life, and it is priceless.But despite the importance of the profession, wages can not be called high-surgeon.As a rule, it is an average or above average earnings.Factors affecting the income of a surgeon:

  • place of work;
  • experience.

Occupation surgeon does not have any prospects of career growth.The ladder consists of two items: a surgeon and the chief surgeon.

How to become a qualified surgeon

Surgeon - future profession students at the Medical Faculty of the University of the state or in one of the fifty specialized universities of the Russian Federation.

level of training and the quality of their training under the watchful supervision of the Federal Agency for Health and the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.In addition, the Russian system of education on medical case involves the operation of special higher education institutions and faculties, which doctors have the opportunity to receive specific graduate education.To raise the level of their professional qualifications, to pass a variety of internships or training future physicians are based on large-scale hospitals or research institutes in the field of science.

Today in Russia there are also successfully carry out their activities to improve the training of doctors, eight medical schools.