About Pain

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In his life, everyone uses the word "pain".Pain can be both physical and mental, at what heartache perezhivaetsya much harder any injury.Broken arm, leg or a broken back, is negligible compared with the break of fate, or a broken heart.In the words of the people cause too much damage, and the pain is still ostaetsya in the human heart forever, it does not go away with time and does not subside, the person remembers all the words and actions that brought him a feeling of uselessness anyone.

Preventing pain.

pain can be prevented in at least sincere.You can ignore the pain of self-control, which is necessary to cultivate every person, and it is impossible to develop self-control as much as possible, there is no limit to perfection."Lawless Heart", one can argue with this phrase if to control their emotions, to keep a certain distance from the object of pain, love, you can control your feelings and emotions.When people tell you that right out of your life, and you are attached to this person, then comes the moment of pain.It is because of such moments of our lives nachinayutsya suicide, crime and other negative manifestations of anger and hatred of the world, because like this, everything was fine yesterday, and today he / she is not hurt ... The main thing is to survive, it will be bad, painful, unpleasant, but we need to live, because each person is created for a purpose, everyone should do something more than what is intended, and it is not a suicide, or a drink with friends in a smart and forget.

Physical pain - is that it is easy vosprinimaetsya people, there are exceptions when it's really hard, but mostly minor damage and injuries of the body just transferring people.In the yard soprte often people whine because corns, rubbed his hands, blisters hurt, do not go, then why disabled people who sit in wheelchairs, some of them are lonely because of this, do not cry, and hold on, they are courageous.No wonder they say that the word can hurt more than any weapon, the word is sitting within us, and is only to give an occasion to recall that it was, as we were starting to tear from within.In this, you just have to be able to experience such moments and to restrain themselves from silly things that can badly affect your future life.