What overcurrent diploma

The students are always a lot of different problems and difficult situations.And then there came the time of writing the diploma.By the way, it flies very fast, and there comes a time prior protection.But know this, not all the students.The fact that the nose overcurrent diploma, for many can be a very unpleasant surprise.

What is it?

In all cases, good to have a workout.The same applies to such an important moment as the protection of the diploma.Therefore, university professors across the country agreed that students need a pre "rehearsal" the most important event in the life of each student.Now it is necessary to explain in more detail, overcurrent diploma - what's that?What you need to bear in mind going to this event?What to do in a day is not worth it?


How is the overcurrent protection of the diploma?It should be noted that this is a very individual for each department.But what will happen to the "rehearsal", will be on the main event - the most protection.That's just to be different levels of formality of events, training activities take place in a more informal setting.

Also during this presentation may be to stop and ask questions to members of the commission and his supervisor, specifying the organizational and other aspects.It should be noted that there is no need to dress smartly in a day, it's just practice.

Job Requirement

is mandatory condition that overcurrent student must bring a ready-made work, which was previously approved research manager.Here are just stapled it is not necessary, because in his speech at the committee members may have questions, but some things have to change in the text.

Also on this day, you should bring all or distributing illustrative material that will be used on the most protection (posters, slides, prepared presentation).


Although overcurrent diploma - is training, the text that will pronounce the student should be well built and learned.Everything should be so as to protect itself.Also, the student must comply with the words of his movements.If there illustrative material, it should not be forgotten.Everything should be clearly structured and explanation need not be long.The average term of performances - 10-15 minutes, this time should be able to meet and overcurrent.Special attention should be paid to the performance strengths of the work, as well as to how goals coincided with the resulting output.Also interesting will be the last, the bottom section.This should also be mentioned, highlighting the most important aspects.And the most important thing to understand: overcurrent diploma most need those who are afraid of public speaking.This is a great chance to practice and get used to the audience, often because training takes place in the same place as the main event, as well as of all the members of the commission, who will sit on the Protection of the diploma.


necessary to be prepared for the fact that any member of the commission may wish to see the text of the work.Therefore, overcurrent protection of the diploma requires printed material that will be used by the student.Explaining his work, the speaker must be able to properly allocate their attention to all the committee members and the listeners, casting a gaze of all present.And strictly forbidden to read all the leaflets!It characterizes the man as weak and lacking in their knowledge.