Where to go to study after 11 classes, career guidance, training in the selection of high school and entrance exams

Where to go to study after class 11?Despite the fact that many seniors are determined by the profession almost from the time of elementary school graduates able to solve the problem associated with the direction of his future studies, except for final exams, as many.However, in order to avoid disappointment and to select an area of ​​activity that most closely matches your aspirations, abilities and interests, think about where to go after the 11th grade, the best in the high school.

Psychologists advise ...

Despite the fact that modern educational institutions pay little time on career counseling, the selection of high school - a feasible task to which you want to approach with utmost responsibility.To get started, try to determine with what profession you want to devote my life.If the answer to this question, you will not be able, in order to understand where to go to study after 11 classes, try a simple technique - "Matrix choice of profession", "professional intentions" and so on. D. Then write out on a separate sheet their interests, abilities and inclinations.After processing the results of techniques and comparing the results, you'll find areas where the strongest and which are the most significant for you interest.But do not forget that no technique is not able to give an unambiguous answer to the question related to the profession, and if the test results disappoint you or do not live up to expectations, should not get upset.

How to choose a school that can provide the necessary training on your specialty?

determine where to go to school after the 11th grade, make a list of colleges you are interested in.Each of the schools should provide you training on the chosen specialty.Be sure to check with the faculty, alumni feedback and rate the quality of education in them.If possible, make a choice in favor of public schools - they can provide you with the opportunity to enter in the budget department.Diploma obtained in this way are highly valued by employers.Planning entry into university, located in another city, be sure to find out whether there is a hostel at its disposal and on what terms it is given.It is necessary to take care of in advance.

Preparation for entrance exams

Decide where to study after class 11, gather all the necessary documents, find out the date of the entrance examination and consultation.It is also advisable to pass training courses in order to get a full and comprehensive picture of teaching at the university, and admission requirements.Find out if you are eligible for benefits, you can greatly improve your chances for a successful entry.In addition, you can apply simultaneously in several different high schools in order to increase the likelihood of admission.But at the same time you should remember that and prepare for exams will have harder: in various universities list of upcoming entrance examinations can be uneven.Once you finally decide to where to study after class 11, try one more time to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen university: remember that the choice of profession - one of the most important decisions in the life of every human being.