What Pursuit and features men's pursuit

Biathlon is one of the most popular and spectacular of winter sports in the world.Despite the brevity of the biathlon season, every year competitions draw thousands of fans.The essence of biathlon is to combine the ability to shoot a rifle and run on skis.There are many areas of the biathlon races that are held in the framework of certain competition among different classes of members.

What Pursuit Biathlon

As part of the major international competitions held these types of races: individual, sprint, mass start, relay and pursuit or Pursuit.The latter is considered a relatively young appearance and was included in the championships and the Olympic Games in 1996 alone.To understand what a Pursuit, you must understand the rules, similarities and differences from other types of biathlon.

Pursuit is inextricably linked with the sprint.Athletes come to start strictly in the order in which completed the sprint.Whoever won the sprint begins pasyut first, the others - with a delay equal to the results of the sprint competition.Total pursuit lasts about half an hour from the start of the sixty.That is, the athletes will start in the order of places taken by all participants in the preceding qualifying race.

basic rules of the race

athletes who occupy a high position in previous competitions, have the highest chances of winning in this contest.With regard to regulation, then run over a distance of 10 km Pursuit involves women, men, in turn, runs 12.5 km pursuit race.

Women shoot after each passed 2 km, men - after 2.5.A total of four distance shooting range: 2 times from standing and lying down.The first two borders of the shooting takes place lying on the third and fourth - standing.For each assignment provides misses the penalty circle.The competition is characterized by the fact that the drivers run in different techniques.At the first stage the athletes run to ski classic style, while the second - free.

difference between male pursuit

As already noted, in the pursuit of men set their own rules, which greatly complicate the strong competition in the floor compared to women's pursuit.They run more kilometers, and the distance between the firing line and more.

describing what pasyut, it should be noted: this type of biathlon competitions in general entail a truly masculine qualities.These competitions require not only a great shoot and run fast - then you have to be persistent enough psychologically.After experiencing nervous system rivals, each of which has its own tactics in the race.One of them is different ability to shoot well, the other trying to beat the competition on the course, and the third, on the contrary, holds on to his back, trying to get a rival out of balance.

believed that men's Pursuit is particularly tense and entertainment.Men breakthroughs from the bottom to the top three thanks to the pursuit happen much more often than women.

Features pursuit

This kind of racing takes place quickly and easily fits in a television broadcast.True connoisseurs who know what pasyut note that of all the biathlon competitions this race more exciting for the spectators.Due to the constant firing line, on the road non-stop sprint change leaders.And fans simply follow the race, since the order biathlete after the penalty circle corresponds to its place in the competition.

Shooting in the manner set out in pursuit, making competition even more impressive, because allows an athlete stands out shooting from any one position, to show their skills and move into first place.When biathlete comes to the finish line, it determines its place in the finish protocol.That is the key to success in the Pursuit is exactly the precision and tactical skill athletes.

Today it is impossible to imagine without the pursuit of such sport as biathlon.Men's Pursuit, as well as women, because of their entertainment, keep fans in suspense until the last minute.