Independent degree project - a guarantee of a highly qualified specialist

affordable and easy

realization that diploma works to order today become more than the norm, but rather, ordinary regularity, many can lead to shock.Those crazy demand that has emerged in this very active market services, can not help but surprise.Experts on writing scientific papers offered at various times to perform the degree project, master's degree, course, abstracts.Master's and doctoral thesis - is not a problem.Cost increases several times, but work all the same scientists that on the essay.

Why in the world today diploma project - a commodity, and not the fruit of many independent scientific research?

try to describe the main reasons for the current situation in the world of national education.


It's no secret that education has become quite affordable.Despite the commercialization of universities and other educational establishments, the annual fee on the contract form of training is acceptable for parents or for themselves working students.

«I'm an expert ...»

Many are already working young people go to get an education because "it's necessary, otherwise expelled from work at the first opportunity and" tower "can still be saved."These professionals often believe they are, and so everyone knows about his profession, exaggerating their importance so that facilitate the burden of student years, buying a thesis project.In addition, this category of "pro" never miss an opportunity yet, "brush up" teachers putting their handicraft skills far above postulates of scientific knowledge.

Bad habit

Some students tried to buy the finished work one time, can no longer resist the temptation not to suffer in the creative throes of conducting meetings of the multivolume sleepless nights.The study of theoretical material, the use of different scientific methods, volume routine technical work with the design, which certainly requires a thesis project, a frightened young researcher.In addition, the phrase: "Now everyone is doing it!", Which is hard all around, does not avoid the temptation.

Excessive wealth

Not always, but, unfortunately, very often happens that the material well-being and excessive parental care is very relaxing.Even sadder, when parents do not see anything wrong with that thesis of their son or daughter is written in order for the money.Naturally, the level of its novelty, practical significance, the theoretical value is not talking.

provocation on the part of teachers

unfortunate fact is that, despite the variety of effective methods of combating corruption in education today is still the case.Teachers may themselves or to provoke a situation where the decision to order the work, or do too tempting offers from which the student is difficult to refuse.Though such cases are not too frequent, but for the students is a great occasion to summarize the situation and find an excuse.

good students is nothing to prevent

In fact, no matter how many reasons we do not have listed, each will have its own individual situation and the reason to do so, and not otherwise.If a student plans to become tomorrow a really good professional, popular master of his craft, then nothing will prevent him to create a unique graduation project, which will bring to the science and practice of tangible value, but will open the door to those skilled in this profession.