False start - what's that?

Modern sport requires maximum precision in the measurement records, which are set by athletes.But there are problems that prevent this.In order to successfully solve them, people created special systems.They are able to detect violations, reduce or remove the error, which happens because of human error.

Where did the word?

meaning of "false start" is already firmly seated in the understanding of the Russian people, but not everyone understands what happened from the word.The English say false start, which means the beginning or the wrong start.Basically, the word is used in the sport, which is especially important that all athletes have started at the same time to perform some action.

the way, some "experts" believe that the right to say "false start."They believe that the word was formed as a simplified, by merging the two: the false and start.

Where it often can be heard?

For example, consider athletics.Immediately comes to mind is the following picture: the Olympic stadium.Heat.On treadmills are 9 athletes and preparing for the race.The first signal - and they occupied the bottom position.The second signal - they just stood up in the position in which it is best to start.The third signal, which is accompanied by a shot - the athletes rushed forward for a victory.But why are they stopped, not having run twenty meters?

reason for this course of events are the usual false starts.This is a fairly common phenomenon in any competitions in running, so this situation is no surprise.Such a stop occurs when one or more athletes started running even before the desired signal has sounded the start of the race.

false starts - it fouls that are in the sport and because of which the race was stopped.According to the current rules of athletics, if the athlete begins the movement earlier than 100 milliseconds before the shot, this action would be a violation.Such incidents will be qualified as a false start.

special software able to reduce the error to zero referee

Today competitions use a special system which is able to help identify false starts - the so-called software packages developed by Omega and Seiko.When you register any applications for recognition of the results of races, set records the presence of such a complex is one of the mandatory conditions.

develop a similar system began in the 20th century.Already in 1979, Omega realized that false starts - this is a serious problem that may affect the actual results of the competition.The human factor is the absolute enemy in this matter, and it should be as automatic as possible.

helps to focus and not to rely on the human factor

Practice automate auto-detect false starts ensures that the athletes better concentrate his attention after they heard the command: "Ready!" Athletics is a very hard sport, and little things likefractions of a second, often play a decisive role.It is thanks to special software fails to measure with high precision and prove the correctness of calculations achievements of the athletes in the race.

Except in the race, this concept is often found in other sports.Very often fixed false starts in swimming, the athlete before the team begins to dive into the water.

course, all use this word in ordinary life, which does not apply to the world of sports.Speaking of the man, you made a false start, usually mean that a man hurried to do something, and that because of this he did not succeed.