The best machine in the world (photo).

The debate about what is the best machine in the world is subsiding around the world, although most professional soldiers, war veterans and fans of weapons agree on undisputed leader.For several decades, the palm firmly holds AK - the legendary symbol of Russia's defense capability.Who has not tried to come on the heels of Russian arms makers!Although surpass the brainchild of Mikhail Kalashnikov still nobody managed to sample quite a decent weapon, claiming the title of "the best machine in the world" today there are many.

Speaking of rankings, top, top ten, we can not sharpen attention on this issue, as the terminology.And it all is that the very words "machine" and "rifle" in different languages ​​of the world can have several different meanings.In a broad sense, it refers to a weapon with a rifled barrel, providing the opportunity to the arrow of automatic fire.Therefore, in the ranking of the best machines often get those kinds of weapons, which probably can be attributed to the rifle.However, we give digging in narrow terms of skill and turned his attention to those models of weapons, that somehow the best in its class.And not ignored the fact that it is impossible to choose the top ten in principle, because each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, something superior to and something behind and peers.Therefore, the rankings will focus on such factors as reliability, durability, ease of use, the prevalence in the world, the rate of reduction in the firing position, sighting range, accuracy and ergonomics.


Does it make sense to start with the tenth ranking positions?After about any affair and not a speech.The world leader in machine - well-known "Kalash".It is a weapon leads the world in the number of units sold.It is a constant participant of wars, uprisings and revolutions around the globe.All the great family of Kalashnikov differs reliability and durability, but also among the best there are leaders.Many professionals deserved to be guided by "forty-seventh" - AK-47 sample 1947, adopted by the Soviet Army in the distant 1949.It distinguishes it from the "brothers" in the first caliber cartridge - 7.62.No less common AK-74.Compared with the precursor, it is lighter, thanks to the fact that the stock and the forearm are made of plastic rather than wood.The caliber of the cartridge is less than (5.45), but the ammunition in our time is much more common.

It is impossible not to mention the new member of the family "Kalashnikov" - an AK-12.Designed in 2014, this machine has already been adopted for service.Moreover, it is he will be accompanied by Russian "soldier of the future", dressed in the famous outfit "Warrior."And I must say that it was fighting for the right to a lot of Russian weapons, each of which could well claim the title of "the best machine in the world."But the 12th "Kalash" confidently beat the competition, taking just the place for which originally developed.

In addition to these three most common, there are a number of modifications aimed at different needs of the security forces.Most Kalashnikovs (excluding CSSA) can be equipped with a bayonet-knife and grenade launchers.

past battles with "Kalash" in the hands of the soldiers joke that this weapon can drown in water or bog, dig in the sand or snow and then get it and continue to use.This, of course, does not mean that the weapons can and should be treated casually - AK, like any other machine, love and caring attitude of gratitude serve faithfully for decades.It is not for nothing that and enthusiastic admirers and envious competitors unanimously agree that he - the best machine in the world!And this consensus has long been no surprise.


second place in the ranking "Top 10 world machine" is also not cause too many questions.His confidence took an American M-16.The first modification of the special reliability did not differ, however, designers have been able "to bring to mind" a weapon.Today this weapon is sure to lead on two continents - North America and Australia.

must pay tribute to the American arms makers do not lose hope, "beat" domestic AK - development and improvement of M-16 continues today.Perhaps someday they will be able to surpass and the best automatic in the world.

Photo M-16 rifles provide a visual representation of its ergonomics and concise structures.By the way, its appearance may seem familiar even to those who had never held it in his hands.This weapon flashed in the film and computer games are not much less of its main competitor.


This is a relatively new weapon has two versions - 16 and 17. It has been developed on request the Ministry of Defense of the United States and was accepted into service in 2007.During this short life of the machine managed to establish itself as an effective and reliable means to destroy the enemy's manpower.It should be noted a rather strange appearance of weapons, claiming third place in the ranking "The best automatic in the world's top-10."Photos help him get an idea of ​​the design features.

difference between the MK-16 and M-17 is small.Version "16" was developed under a cartridge 5.56, and its "seventeenth" brother - under 7,62h51.It consists mainly of the type of ammunition.70% of the available components are identical.

Tavor Assault Rifle-21

This Israeli conceptual automatic rifle designed as a weapon of the future.On the orientation of the 21st century even says in the title of the index.Using the bullpup has greatly improved ergonomics weapons.

Automatic TAR-21 has a relatively small size and light weight.It is equipped with a standard Picatinny rail, which allows to install the most advanced optics.The disadvantages include experts in the first place rather high production costs - a weapons costs the state $ 1,000.However, this does not prevent the Israeli machine claim to be "the best machine in the world."Rate this weapon increases as its distribution in the world.

Beretta ARX-160

Italian assault automatic rifle was first released in 2008 as part of a new program of "soldier of the future" in three variations: "Commander," "arrow-gunner", "arrow-thrower."In addition to the regular store 30 rounds, can be equipped with a special store to 100. In addition, the possibility of mounting grenade launcher.

This weapon weighs 3.5 kg, thanks to the use of impact-resistant polymers.

NC 416 and NC 417

based German engineering formed the M-16 and G-36.These machines are easy to use, undemanding to the conditions of use, and their performance characteristics are quite high.Ergonomics and location of the main parts of it are almost identical to the M-16.Like the weapons of the family SCAR, they are made on the principle of modularity.That is, in case of failure, usually requires only the replacement of the failed module.Feature weapons - the possibility of bundling the trunks of various lengths.This greatly increases flexibility and allows you to adjust the weapon under a specific combat tasks.Four Picatinny rail allows weapons to equip a variety of additional devices.You can set the bipod.The stock can be put into one of five positions, adapting it for the anatomical features of the shooter.

weapon it has considerable weight, a fairly strong impact and impressive dimensions.But a relatively high destructive power.

NC G36

Automatic Rifle G36 NC start mass delivered to the German Army in 1995.It took quite a few years and the opportunity to work with her soldiers received from Spain, the United States and many other countries.This weapon had time to participate in this armed conflict.

used for firing a cartridge 5.56 (NATO).There are several options for complete weapons, which greatly enhances the ability of the machine to solve a variety of tactical tasks.

Barrett REC7

Weapons chambered developed a new model that has already proved itself.Famous by large-caliber rifles, the company "Barrett", started to develop machines recently, but that did not stop the first commercially released the model to take its rightful place in the ranking "The best machines of the world: the top-10."

machine Features - High reliability and accuracy of fire, firing rate.

Steyr AUG

Quite unusual weapon Steyr AUG takes its rightful place in the top.Mainly getting into the list of the best this machine is obliged to a special device.Of course, this pattern can hardly claim to be the "best machine in the world", but among the weapons system Blvd. Pape takes a strong position.

Experts note the excellent ergonomics, high rate of fire and reliability of the system.

Fusil Automatique Leger

Closes rating light rifle Fabrique Nationale de Herstal, developed in Belgium.It is widely used in the world due to its simplicity and reliability.

Besides regular diopter rear sight, giving the opportunity to conduct aimed fire at ranges of 200 to 600 meters, and can be equipped with any optical sight.It should be in service in more than a dozen countries.