Joan Collins: In Hollywood, no beauties

Legendary American actress Joan Collins (Joan Collins) in a recent interview, complained that not enough modern Hollywood beauties.This 77-year-old actress is not going to the young and not considering plastic surgery as a way to turn back the clock.

«In my youth all the actresses on the screen were beautiful.And now they are not so much.Is that Angelina Jolie ... Angelina Jolie and again - says the legendary American.- Jennifer Aniston is cute, but I would not call her beautiful.It is definitely not Ava Gardner and Lana Turner. "

According to Collins, much of the popularity of UK singer Cheryl Cole (Cheryl Cole) is based on her beauty.

«I think that's why so popular Cheryl Cole.She's beautiful, and the audience hungry for beautiful people "- confessed to Miss Collins.

According to her, today the actress does not give enough attention to appearance and are not ready for public consumption as it did their predecessors.

«Perhaps modern actress, guided by the desire to be" taken seriously ", I think

that a well-groomed appearance distracts attention from their professional abilities.Yes, I know, fashion is changing, and everyone is trying to be at its peak.But movie stars 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's radically changed every decade.However, it remained the same is their individual style, they have always been on anybody not like "- says the actress.

Thus Joan herself is not going to turn to plastic surgery to stay young, for which it is often criticized by our colleagues of the same age.

«Women who do plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures abuse, look creepy.They are not similar to themselves.I quite like the way I look.And I do not want to change anything.Perhaps, before the camera, my skin is not as much as before.But in the end, because sooner or later grow old.I think there is something terrible to people who are 50-60-something years of trying to look at 30-40 "- says Joan Collins.

actress also shared her way to keep a perfect figure.In 77 years, she wears a size 44-46 (UK 10-12).It turns out her secret in controlling portions.

«Today people eat more than they need.And I'm very serious about penalties for weight gain.If there is bad food, too, will look no better.People say, they say, it's not my fault the whole thing in some hardware.Nonsense!The matter of greed ", - says the actress.

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