Crafting a beer - what is it?

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Recently, very popular all over the world come to enjoy crafting beer.What is it and why the hype created around it?This is necessary to understand.

Terms craft

Many people believe that beer with the same name - is some unique product.Such a statement is not quite true.That all became clear, we must learn to understand where you would normally, and where crafting a beer, what it is and why it is so called.There are three main reasons why the foamy drink may fall into this category:

  1. conditions and production volumes.In English the word "Kraft» (Craft) means "craft."Hence the requirement that the product was produced necessarily a small enterprise (mini-brewery).
  2. relative independence of the manufacturer.We are talking about the participation of the foreign companies in the financial sector.It is believed that the company itself must be at least 75 percent of the shares.It should serve as a guarantor of freedom of leadership in making certain decisions.
  3. products at such breweries should be produced by traditional technology.Of course, the raw material is permitted to use a non-standard, but it should be used only for improving certain process steps.It is forbidden to use different kinds of additives to reduce the overall cost of the product.

Now I understand when people say, "crafting a beer," which is a code name and not some kind of a new variety.

Kraft American-

Americans also strongly believe producing kraft beer, it is not the name of the drink, and the specific conditions under which it is issued.They are in this respect have their views.Firstly, the Association of American brewers to establish a clear boundary limit in output in such plant.According to their calculations, the small brewery must produce no more than 703.8 million liters of foam products annually.It is about six million barrels per day.The number and so considerable.Secondly, attention technology.Not necessarily at the heart of the ancient production have, terrific recipes.Old style with a modern technology can change in a new way and develop a previously unknown way.These innovations are used quite often.Sometimes these methods is simply the addition of non-traditional materials to give the product a special flair and bringing it to the attention of buyers.

new trend in the capital

In Russia, there is a growing establishments, where the drink for meetings and friendly conversations served to the table was crafting a beer.In Moscow today has a lot of places.There, as a rule, do not sell the usual beer, which you can find in any store.Providers of such specialized bars and restaurants are the people who not only know what they are doing.They are in every sense of the word put their hearts into their product.Well, who are interested to come to the pub and drink a chic ordinary consumer goods?Products crafting breweries - is another matter.Beer, which comes with these mini-mills, has a strong personality and has a special unique flavor.This is understandable, because the manufacturer is preparing it according to their own tastes.This may be a beer brewed in the Czech, English or German traditions with a special hint, not inherent to specific national standards.It really is possible to find a drink to suit all tastes.

Haunts of vice

is now almost any Russian city, you can find a restaurant serving beer crafting.In Moscow, a lot of them, but the most popular are:

1. «Birmarket."This shop sells about 350 different kinds of beer.Hundreds of vendors bring their products here.Lot size is sometimes measured in several boxes.Yet this store is famous for the fact that only you can buy the famous Danish beer, the fortress which is 19.3 turnover.

2. A small bar with a strange name "All your friends are."There are mainly the products of Russian producers, with the exception of a unique Belgian "Rodenbach", which is added during cooking wine.

3. Bar "Haggis", where in addition to 13 kinds of beer snacks are unusual in the British style.

4. Shop Bar "Glavpivmag" where you can not only buy beer and drink it, without going outside.

5. Pub athletes' Bobby Dezzler "that during football games become a haven for many fans.

Newfangled tradition

New ideas are always interesting, especially in the first stage.Their creators are trying to show all their imagination in order to attract the most attention.But some new products require a completely different source.So what happened in the beer industry.Following the example of foreign countries in Russia like mushrooms after the rain began to appear outlets that sell beer crafting.Bar (or store) that implements a drink, too, has changed.It began to appear in the style of fashionable places of Irish, Scottish or English pubs.Outwardly, it should be small rooms with dim lights, soft leather furniture and wooden floors necessarily.So it is accepted in the West.

But Russian businessmen are trying to go beyond the usual standards.For example, the owner of "Kraft Republika" has decided to use Scandinavian style.He arranged his establishment in the usual cellar and painted it white inside.But the important thing is famous for fashionable pubs - this range.You can try that never gets on the shelves of major stores.After crafting products are unique and produced in such small quantities that it can not make regular deliveries to large shopping centers.

pubs second capital for new

could not pass by St. Petersburg.Crafting a beer in the northern capital evaluated differently.If Muscovites come to a pub with the desire to drink and eat, then St. Petersburg focuses on just a drink.A good representative of this institution is considered a revolutionary local bar CRAFT Bier Cafe.It does not shine cool design and varied cuisine.And it is not necessary.Here, and always full of people.People come to this place is not for the posh surroundings.Just here is everything you need to really beer drinkers: a pleasant atmosphere and a rich wine list.Visitors are invited to try about 30 different kinds of beer and more than 200 types of beer in bottles from the representatives of crafting breweries in Russia, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Holland and France.A wide choice of main and cozy atmosphere of the pub St. Petersburg are popular among residents.It is open from noon until late at night, and this is also in the interest of visitors.

«Kraft" in the Russian province

new trend confident steps moving inland.Now and in small provincial towns can be found crafting beer.In Russia, too, there are real enthusiasts and connoisseurs of ancient beverage.Under the conditions of our country all begins as usual.Enterprising people are buying old plants that have become unusable.Then comes the process of renovation and conversion workshops, and after all the problems with the documents, the company began to produce a new long-awaited production.In this way, they are almost all small businesses.But as a result people get what waited a long time.The newly manufacturer tries to realize the most unusual ideas, and this is exactly what is needed for "craft."Of course, he is unable to meet its production needs to fully large supermarket.But can a small pub to deliver beer, which, apart from him, no one cooks.Such manufacturers and need real crafting bars and restaurants.

expected threat

Recently, the Russian government sharply raises the question of the need to control the turnover of alcohol-containing products.For this purpose, we developed a special system (EGAIS), which should keep records and monitor the movement of goods.To install such a system in the enterprise must have:

  • personal computer with specific system requirements;
  • access to the Internet at a certain speed connections;
  • software (software) system installed on the computer;
  • software for cash registers, compatible with installed;
  • special scanner with two-dimensional bar code;
  • flash drive with an electronic signature.

Such an event is not cheap and can fly a lot of money to small producers.This is done only by large enterprises.In addition, the output of small lots makes us constantly to change the program.All this creates additional problems.Suppliers crafting a beer at a loss.Someone believes that any difficulties can be overcome.But most of the claims that the new system will lead to inevitable ruin of small companies that, in fact, are followers of the new movement.As a result, the market crafting beer in Russia simply collapse.

Beer restaurant

With the development of crafting movement products enterprising producers were ordered not only small bars, and solid restaurants.Here everything is done to create the right atmosphere and comfort.Soft, comfortable furniture allows for a long time to conduct interviews.The varied cuisine offers everything from simple snacks and salads to soups and hot dishes.Drinks in such a place is allocated a special role.To cater to all visitors, a map of the product is maximized.The range along with dozens of varieties of the famous beer is bound to have a few highlights that you can try only here.And this list is constantly refreshed with interesting new products.On a number of services installed flexible system of discounts, which will certainly cause great interest of visitors.This restaurant crafting beer lives up to its name.Here you can eat well, to celebrate any momentous event or just sit with friends over a glass of your favorite drink handmade.

Thematic places

For beer lovers the most familiar still be crafting a beer bar.Moscow in this direction provides quite a wide choice.Those who are interested in the drink itself, it may be advisable to visit the bar Craft RePUBlic.In the capital, he is well known.There is a very simple situation, there are no waiters, virtually no appetizers (except cheese and chips), but simply a rich selection of beers.There are going to true connoisseurs to be pampered and have fun.Recently in Moscow was opened many such institutions.For example, a bar "Cooking."While it can not compete with these mastodons like Craft RePUBlic.But the management plans in the near future to give up foreign production and only go to the Russian 'kraft'.The idea is interesting and very promising, but we should not, perhaps, so adamantly refuse to import good.A man should always have the right to choose.


pleasure for lovers of beer there are no barriers.For a good drink sometimes, they are willing to pay good money.But everything should be in moderation.In recent years, more and more often in specialized bars can be found crafting beer.The price for it is usually quite high, ranging from 105 to 340 rubles per 0.5 liter bottle.One liter of this drink by the glass can cost from 108 to 155 rubles.Sellers to this effect have a twofold opinion.On the one hand, it is clear that the product, as they say, is always handmade inflated price tag.It affects the effort and considerable expense.On the other hand, the high price pushes the average potential buyer and makes it turn their attention to cheaper goods.This situation adversely affects the sales volume and, respectively, the real incomes.Why domestic producers 'craft' continue to hold such a high price for its products?Perhaps this premeditated move to introduce his beer as a commodity-class or kind of work of art of brewing.And in fact, and in another case, the consumer will gravitate toward more accessible, but already well-known products.This is a good thought for those who are just starting their business brewing.