Andrei Mironov


«No prophet in his own country."This saying was born from the fact that people at all times, underestimated, and most importantly did not understand their compatriots.Only after decades or even hundreds of years will pass, when they will be able to appreciate his prophet.In such a situation, at the time I got Jesus.This situation is familiar designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev, the master of his craft.At the time, none of his compatriots did not understand the skill.But his talent was revealed in early youth.Only the French, who also did not see the prophet in his own country, appreciated his talent, because he was not a Frenchman, he was from Russia.Do today in our society, those who doubted his skill?

Today, we are again confronted with a similar situation now in the role of the prophet, we Grygoriy Kvasha.His works, he devoted more than 20 years.He made the discovery a global scale, only a pity that these works are not all clear.Maybe two hundred years, it will be appreciated?Just wait so long, we can not, for many reasons, especially because someone understands them.

I can call myself the best student Grygoriy Kvasha, and take the responsibility to tell you why we still need this horoscope?The best, because since the birth of the "Virtual horoscope", "marriage theory" and "vector rings" has been more than five years, and no one has not announced similar.But these findings, you should not say you need to cry, because people will soon realize that our planet is in your karmic time that will come in 2012, it will be saved only through this knowledge.This horoscope will be needed even for those who are always skeptical of all horoscopes!

Kvasha wrote "manual man."This statement is very necessary for people, because people are wrong and some people think that we are all the same.Others, on the contrary, at least put themselves condemnation as an example, they say, I'm not!Especially this instruction is needed in politics today, in every state, usually the most - inept.Laws written contradicting one another.The result: People in the excitement here and there flashes of anger escalate into armed resistance.Scary becomes live, the more bring forth children.Inept rulers have created an explosive situation in the world.

«Virtual horoscope."This small plate with a brief description of seven virtual characters, from the aristocracy to the King, the author has devoted 12 years of work.The author himself, filling in gaps in his theory, having closed the logical ring, can not understand what got him through such a long time it works.But intuition feels small spool, means have to be expensive.And he was more than human, so to speak.Today, neither scientists nor astrologers, and generally no one understands what this horoscope.And it means the greatest discovery in the world in which man finally realizes his age (mentality).Age of the country, or rather the mentality of its people.Under this scheme, the virtual chart, we can understand what people should do in their lives.He tells us that we are not all the same as it seems to some.This horoscope will determine not the age that we are used to calculate in the years of our physical body, and the age of the soul.It turned out that it is not the number of years lived, one becomes wiser, but on acquired skills, experienced in past lives.And as we realize that this would wipe skill, one soul, may not reflect the characteristics of the virtual sign.These people we can safely call, repetition, as it was called at the school Losers.

This theory proves that a man, or rather his soul, lives more than one life we ​​thought before.People will no longer fear death, they will realize that death is not a terrible person, and that's where his soul will be determined after the death.The notion that life is one, and it should be lived to the fullest, today was the naive stupidity.Each of us, death will take its deserved place in heaven or in hell.And do not cry should be, when a man died, and cry if his soul will take at least the first level of hell.There, too, for the non-material life, requires energy.And there, according to the strongest will survive.Only the new birth, the soul get through the millennium, when the pass all the nine levels of hell.This world is very cruel and very fair!

today without this knowledge, the world is going mess.In the elections for president, everyone screams, I can, after some time, people understand that there is nothing he can not, and the country has withdrawn into a swamp.Get out of there, it will be more difficult than the climb up there.Realizing age and mentality of a person with a virtual chart, no one will trust the board clumsy arms.Everyone will know that this man, and what's going on in his soul.Today, thanks to the creation of Gregory Kvasha, the expression "Someone Else's soul the darkness, became irrelevant."

For four years I use this knowledge.Today, I own them, so that I have become a shame to know someone's birth date.This information is for me and my student, I became a weapon that we shine through any person.Whether it is good in the shower or it just seems so.We know all of his positive and negative qualities, weak and strong features of the character, which is afraid of, and what it does not frighten.Do we not need to know such things about our officials to be heard by their worthless fate and the fate of millions of people.Are people savvy such knowledge would be wrong in choosing their leader?How long can you avoid mistakes when choosing your partner in business or in love?For each of us, carefully trying to hide their shortcomings.As a result, they are opened, and the people in the courts and debate, divide their property, saying, ah, if I knew (la) it before?

«Aristocrat".The first image.The soul moves into a new body.The soul rejoices in him, as a rule, the body is new, and beautiful, it is better than the last.Soul watching this beauty.Her priorities in life - only beauty.Furthermore, it can not do anything.These people are inexperienced, naive.They are happy when a lot of people around them, and they all shout bravo.They make real artists.At an early age, they are unspotted in his soul, pure and naive as a little child may take offense at trifles.We all need to know that.After all, there is a concept in our society that the younger hurt badly.

«Vector».Soul gets a second life.In this life, the beauty she goes by the wayside.Having tasted life in the image of the aristocracy, she impatient to begin the next.Especially in the second life, it is already getting the hang of the winner.Everywhere around, vector should be the first power he has in abundance.If it is a rival in love, he will remove it first.If it is a sport, it is hard to compete with them.These people are restless.They think that they have to take care of all at once.They are easy to have a lot of families, in which they will be unable to keep up like no other.Everything is good, but the trouble is that they have enough experience.Like the aristocracy, Vector, still a little child.

The third life of "Professor", the soul finally matures.At this age, she should get the experience, which is so lacking his first two brothers.Kids fun behind.Here she gets the hang of wisdom.Her beauty and victory is no longer so important.These people may be called generators ideas.Ideas they do good, and not every older brother to him the strength to compete.But the trouble, ideas constantly so many that no one, he did not follow through.But if he will bring it can thrive.These people are practical in everything.His practicality they try to impose on others, amateurs teach and instruct.They can not be trusted to manage someone experience they have yet.They need to be trusted to write laws.They do well with rationalization.

In the fourth life, the soul has to understand what is good and what is bad?For getting aged professor brains, now it is important that they began to work correctly.These people are not the same, the vector with the aristocracy, and not the ideological professor.At this age, knights, intelligence obtained at the age of professors, it is necessary to properly dispose of.But how?To devote his evil or good?As a rule, the fate of the Knight of the hardest of all the virtual characters.Knight at this age to understand the difference between good and evil.At the same time it no one should interfere in this.Therefore, all the knights, though, and have a lot of friends, but at heart they are lonely.Destiny Knight, mandatory testing would be him, because at this age, she cooked him, some sweet, and some of the bitter life.In most cases, already to 27 years, Knight gets these beans from the fate that then just living, and not show his nose.Not necessarily the fate of the Knight goes in this sequence, but not necessarily, it must face the good and evil, for it is only in comparison with a person is able to understand something, and nothing else.

Fifth Age "leaders."Soul gained enough skills and now has the right and duty to teach others.Chief energetic him move people.No one is better than the leader, can not cope with managerial positions.Why vectors hold office?Take a look than it was over Ukraine.There's all sorts of ways, Vector came to power.Very quickly, bloat cases are now tries to escape justice.Khrushchev, the silly antics almost third world war.The Americans, having the mentality of vectors, all want to face down, from the outside, it looks rude and tactless.Do not even thinking that all their actions they will return to their karmic time, exactly twice as much.I have a question?And whether they will take out this attack?

sixth age, "Jester".The soul is able to control, to be wise, understands where good where bad.Now she needs a skill wit.The ability to think quickly and give a brief answer, in any environment.Roughly speaking, a man replaced his brain, the processor, the weak more powerful.Get the latest, six skills, formed the soul is born in the age of "the King."The king has all the skills.This is an adult, wise, considerate man who knows how to manage, and is well aware of what can and what can not.The soul, as a rule, at this age have lost all interest in the teachings, it can do everything.

«King», the soul will be born three times.It's a nice age, there the soul is resting after the traversed path.After all, in front of the new tests, they will be held in the same way, from the aristocracy to the King, only to have a different higher level.These people we have dubbed the "Indigo Children".

nature of each virtual image will match the date of birth of the person, if in the course of evolution, he always got a full skill.Early death or abortion, depriving the soul of skill.And then the King may be King - repetition, by the nature of it will match the Fool.

I told the first round of the evolution of the soul in which the soul receives skills at working the brain no more than 9%.Then it will go to the next round, again, from the aristocracy to the King, but the brain at the same time, will have to work within 18%.The third round, again from the aristocracy to the King, and the brain at the same time up to 27%, etc.Nature leads man to his perfection.

Realizing scheme of evolution, according to which a person develops, and its speed, it is sad, what a person for the full development of their brains need time hundreds of thousands of years.So long to go to that no one wants.But we do not stop to wonder this amazing world, as human potential in him, infinite - endless.

And now the most important and most interesting!The man in the state, in one lifetime to go through all the levels and grow your brain up to 99%.This is a very interesting way.A person living in the same every year, would grow wiser 1%, only the right or the left side of the brain, but not in both.At the same time it feels the process of turning on itself.Every 9 years old, he will move from one age to follow, changing your mindset.And the society notice by how naive aristocrat, became King tactful.And at the age of 99, his brain will work for 99%.How to come to this, that's another story?

1. Aristocrat - age equivalent to child 0 to 9 years.

2. Vector - equivalent age youth from 9 to 18 years.

3. Professor - age equivalent to a young person between 18 and 27 years old.

4. Knight - age equivalent to a young man of 27 to 36 years old.

5. Leader - age equivalent to a young person between 36 and 45 years old.

6. Shut - age equivalent to a young person between 45 and 54 years.

7. King - age equivalent to an elderly sage from 54 to 63 years.

8. King - age equivalent to an elderly sage from 63 to 72 years.

9. King - age equivalent to an elderly sage from 72 to 99 years.

While we do not understand, who is who, and each of us will not take your case, chaos will not end in our society.Are we going to live like a swan cancer and pike.About this kind of life, and Grigory Rasputin prophesied: "The most inept will edit cart.And in Russia, in France, in Italy, and elsewhere »...