Where to ride a roller coaster in Moscow with children?

It's no secret that sledding, skiing, skating, ledyankah - a favorite Russian fun.And it has long been transformed into a tradition, rooted in the distant past.The winter period in our country, on average lasts five months: agree, is long enough.In ancient times the sled, horse-drawn, were almost the only vehicle in the icy season.And fun it was to travel on the cheap.

riding a roller coaster today as one of the variants of the winter entertainment has lost none of its former popularity.Well, what else to do and entertain their children during the holiday season?The answer suggests itself.However, not everyone knows (especially guests of the capital metropolis), where a roller coaster ride in Moscow.Consider this question in more detail.It should be noted that there are many places in the white stone where you can enjoy traditional Russian fun.

Boring garden

If you do not have any idea about where to ride a roller coaster in Moscow, then go to it.

you just an incredible amount of trails for skating: from small to large and flat and steep.But in some areas it is possible to ride along the paths.Central location for skiing is the right of the entrance (between the eighteenth and twentieth house on Leninsky Prospekt).But beware: time to brake, otherwise you can fly directly to the roadway.

Park «Kolomenskoye»

steepest routes are in the central area of ​​the park (river behind the temple of the Assumption).If marched a little farther into the hills, you can see crowds of children who are storming the slopes lower.You can climb up from the foot of the hills, enjoy the pretty picturesque scenery.In short, if you do not know where to go with the slides in Moscow, one of the best - a park "Kolomenskoye".

Kuz'minskii Park

main path routes here sostredotocheny Kuzminskaya Cascade ponds.

the steepest and highest you'll find on the Lower Kuzminskiy and Shibaevskom.

Sparrow Hills

Many residents of the capital metropolis on the question of where to ride a roller coaster in Moscow, confidently say, "On Sparrow Hills!" In this part of the city is perhaps the most high route, which could trigger at luger amateur immediate release ofadrenaline.Gorka is located directly under the viewing platform.On weekends, crowds of people come here, and the chance to bump into someone very high.

Krylatskiye hills

Some, if you ask them about where to go downhill on a sled in Moscow, will recommend to go to Krylatskiye hills.

There is also a wide choice of routes.Owners snow-cats in particular can benefit from track cycling paths.Mostly they go to areas with severe slopes, which increases the speed of movement.


park close to the summer theater and the pool is concentrated an arsenal of roller coasters, the tallest one (20 meters) is small enough tramplinchik.In this park area can also rent inflatable sanki- "cheesecake".So if you are in thought, where to relax and take a ride down the hills on sleds in Moscow, you should go to Troparevsky park.

Novodevichy Convent

In frosty weather the descent to the Novodevichy pond is a fairly steep hill.

may also want to visit the monastery and enjoy the ringing of bells and walk along the local trails.

Elk Island

incredible array of slides within the territory of moose island.The steepest slopes are located in the area of ​​the entrance to the forest park by Rostokinskiy directions.Also popular with Muscovites enjoy trails, located near the Moscow Ring Road and in close proximity to the streets of Kurgan.

Palace of children's creativity

think about where to ride a roller coaster in Moscow with children?Do not hesitate and go to DDT.Close to University Avenue, in the territory of the building is a massive ravine, which has a whole arsenal of steep slopes.Visitors impresses the fact that there are a lot of space and the likelihood of luge "accident" is reduced to almost zero.

Of course, this is not a complete list of places to ride a roller coaster in the Moscow winter.You can go to any you like the track.


Of course, many people with great warmth remembered the days when physical education classes in school teacher in winter allowed class skiing.

This pastime has been a lot of advantages: fresh air, courage and only positive emotions.Our country skiing has always been at the peak of popularity, because the weather conditions in Russia are simply created to deal with them both at professional and amateur level.Moreover, for example, compared with a snowboard skiing provide great exercise, because they involve a class different muscle groups.And believe me, this is just one of the many reasons why the Russians like skiing.

Of course, in the territory of the capital metropolis, there are many places where you can practice this sport.

So, where to ride a roller coaster in Moscow on skis?Of course, the ideal area for this - it's parks, of which the capital city are countless.And most of them are rental skis, so if you forget gear for skiing, or it is too expensive for you, it can be rented.Price set the minimum varies from approximately 100 to 300 rubles per hour.

Also note that to obtain it you need to leave the document in the pledge.


There is a sports club "Alfa Bitza."This institution can learn the ability to ski and if you want to participate in the competitions, which are organized here every weekend.The park area has several ski routes, of which the average length is five kilometers.

Izmailovo Park

Want to know even where to relax and take a ride down the hills on skis in Moscow?Of course, it should go to the Izmailovo Park.In this place was built a sports arena, equipped with ski-run, which is also well lit at night.

remarkable fact that a substantial proportion of the ski trails is at a good distance from the center of Moscow.Here are some of them.


This ski center has all the conditions for comfortable rest.There are about twelve tracks, the longest of them - 300 meters.All routes are well-lit and skiing here can be up to 23 hours.Moreover, the complex has snowmaking, lift.Beginners will always come to the aid of experienced instructors.

Center is located near the metro station "Nagatinskaya."

Sparrow Hills

This ski center has three trails, the longest of which - 240 meters.All the routes are in excellent condition, have good lighting.On Sparrow Hills are also snow guns and operate lifts.Here you can rent sports equipment, and after a serious exercise, you can go to a cafe to relax and enjoy some invigorating drink.At the heart of a sports school, where beginners learn the basics of the art of skiing.


want to be like skiing and snowboarding in the summer?Nothing could be simpler: this service provides the first Russian ski center, all working 12 months a year.It covers an area of ​​24 thousand square kilometers.The climatic conditions here are always comfortable.

Conclusion Of course, the Russian capital - this is not Switzerland.But in any case, to take a ride on a sled or ski hiking, do not necessarily spend a lot of money on European tours.Enough to live in Moscow.Believe me, in the capital city and you can get great pleasure from the traditional Russian fun, mentioned earlier in this article.