Taking care of your skin with every touch Gillette Venus ProSkin

Gillette Venus is a new collection of Venus ProSkin, designed for women with dry and sensitive skin.

Shaving system and shaving from the new collection take care of the skin, so every woman can feel like a goddess.

smooth, beautiful skin feet - is not this the dream of every woman, especially in anticipation of the summer?However, according to studies, women may feel discomfort when shaving sensitive and dry skin:

* 82% of women are worried that they have dry skin * 60% say they have sensitive skin * 61% believe that it is impossible to shave while avoiding skin irritation

With the advent of the new collection Venus ProSkin razors for shaving delicate situation has changed!Shaving System Venus ProSkin tested by dermatologists.They do not irritate the skin, leaving it amazingly smooth and soft.

«As a rule, during shaving damaged top layer of skin, and it loses moisture.If a woman has dry or sensitive skin, shaving may appear scaly, feeling of tightness, "- says Nicola Joss, a global expert Gillette Venus.

Venus ProSkin Sensitive - a special shaving system for women with sensitive skin.Five of its blades are arranged closer to each other.This reduces the pressure on the skin during shaving and thus make the hair removal process more comfortable.Furthermore, a protective tape containing greater lubricants between the skin and the blade is formed a special layer for better glide.

Venus ProSkin MoistureRich is designed for owners of dry skin who need a comfortable and smooth shave.Three razor blades are surrounded by padded MoistureRich shaving gel, enriched with nourishing avocado oil, olive and Garcinia for more smooth gliding.

«Now we can help women avoid some of the unpleasant effects of shaving, which they told us during the research.New razor specifically designed for owners of dry and sensitive skin, and we hope that this new process will make hair removal more comfortable and enjoyable, "- says Claire Girdler of the department of scientific research Gillette Venus.

new line of shaving systems will be complemented shaving gel Satin Care Pure & amp;Delicate .It includes no fragrances and dyes, which minimizes the risk of skin irritation during shaving.

Venus ProSkin new collection is now available in stores from April 2012.