How to make simple and beautiful pattern - geometric pattern

As you know, there are various kinds of ornaments.They are vegetable, object, landscape, astral, floral, fantastic, calligraphy and others. It all depends on what elements executed pattern.Geometric consists of simple shapes - circle, square, rectangle, triangle.It is the most common and easy-to-build option.To make it, you need to use a stencil or drawing instruments and understand the pattern of construction.

Geometric ornaments and patterns: species

location and nature of the compositions are always connected with the form of the object on which the pattern is applied.On this basis, there are these types of ornaments of the figures:

  • belt;
  • mesh;
  • centric or the female.

first built as a straight or curved strip that runs down the middle or edge of the article.So decorate friezes, borders.In the second case, the entire surface to be decorated is filled with a pattern.In a third embodiment the individual elements are placed inside a square, circle, diamond, rectangle, that are at the heart adorn the subject.

Applications ornament

Geometric patterns on the dishes used since ancient times.It was the easiest way to decorate jar or pot.We use an ordinary stick that makes the round depressions in the surface line.

With the development of technology geometric ornaments began to be used in architecture, clothing.Currently they are often used for decorating textiles, scarves, bedding, carpets, as well as in the printing industry to print books, wallpaper, decorating furniture, finishing materials (ceramic and roof tile, laminate, linoleum itd).

Important concepts

Any pattern, geometric, floral, has a certain motive and rapport.We need to clearly understand the meaning of both words.The first - is the main element of the ornament.It is simple, consisting of one form a single loop or a complex that involves the presence of several composite chastey.V can act as a motive stylized flower, leaf, star, different types of polygons, stars, consisting of triangles.Rapport is a collection of motive or their groups and the distance to the neighboring.

Receptions build

Each ornament pattern, geometric, floral, or any other, it is a certain rhythm, that is, repetition, alternation of certain elements.As a motive, you can take an isosceles triangle.Repeatedly repeat it horizontally with no gaps, then the original teeth are obtained at regular intervals or alternating length of the space between the elements in a particular combination.View ribbon ornament will change.The same can be done vertically.

To create a mesh pattern, rather obtained in the first stage, a line of triangles repeated several times in a column.Each module can be located one above the other and offset.Two different horizontal rows alternate in a specific pattern, one, two, etc.

original decor obtained by a combination of different types of mirroring.Horizontal or vertical lines are recorded, columns or parts thereof only in a certain combination.

Centric geometric designs and patterns are also available easily.It suffices to select a point of rotation at one end of the element, inside or outside and around the shift triangle on a certain number of degrees.

How to newcomer ornament

simple geometric patterns to perform is very easy.The basis is a set of figures, arranged, for example, squared.This module is repeated many times by any of the above laws.

easiest and exciting way to develop a pattern, geometric, vegetable or whatever - is a graphical editor on your computer.Suitable program working with vector graphics, which refers to just the simple geometric shapes with contour and shading.These patterns are available in the editor as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

algorithm works will be the next:

  1. of geometric shapes constitute a basic element.
  2. perform operations group parts.
  3. copy a Module.
  4. inserts a number of times.
  5. apply the distribution function of the selection to a certain distance.Line ready.
  6. are grouping it as well as the module itself first.
  7. try different combinations of reflections, repetitions.One can even rotate circumferentially with different angles of rotation.

combination will get a lot.Choose the best, print or use for any other purpose.By the way, you can use this image as a stencil: circle the resulting pattern through the glass on the paper, and then use the cloth for painting, decoration of cards handmade, embroidery, stained glass, carvings and any other techniques of artistic skill.

construction of cells

patterns of geometric shapes is easy to do on the grid.You can use an ordinary exercise book or pre raschertit cell thin lines on a sheet of any size.Already on him stroke a path or color sketch of the figure.The value of parts and gaps easily identify cells counted.

So, you saw how to construct geometric designs and patterns.You can choose any of the following methods to try and independently perform some version.If you do the job on the computer, you get a lot of options.This activity is very fascinated, as it is difficult to even imagine in advance what the result will turn out sophisticated decor of simple elements.