Entrance to the resort only with the help!

Medical Card F 072 / F-04 is a kind of a pass in the spa facilities.In the absence of this card or wrong (incomplete) completing its employees sanatorium (dispensary) is entitled to refuse a patient admission and treatment.

order not to waste time in a sanatorium for the issue of medical certificates required to stay in the hospital, it is necessary to allocate 2-3 days and visit the clinic before departure for medical treatment.By the way, not all the motels offer the possibility of registration of medical documents on the spot.

Step by step instructions for the person receiving a ticket to a sanatorium

  1. visit to the doctor-therapist.It fills the aforesaid map above on the basis of words and patient records in medical card.The doctor assigns required maps and the necessary (or diagnosis of the patient) study.
  2. passing all the procedures prescribed by your doctor and laboratory examinations (general analysis of biological fluids, feces on helminth eggs; answer fluoroscopy, electrocardiograms, other procedures).
  3. Additional consultations specialists if required imposed diagnosis (for women necessarily conclude gynecologist).
  4. Dermatologist - makes a mark in the map of the absence of lice and scabies (all optional).
  5. mark epidemiologist about absence of contact with infectious diseases in the last three weeks at home (all optional).
  6. Repeated visits to a therapist to get them filled form sanatorium card.


In reference to the resort must be records:

  • Epidemiology (no earlier than three days prior to the departure to the resort)
  • Dermatologist
  • gynecology (women)
  • Answers analyzes of blood, urine and stool
  • Extractabout vaccinations
  • Entries therapist about the disease, indicating the diagnosis (code ICD-10), there are contraindications to certain types of spa treatments available to allergic reactions in the patient, and the latter treatment in a sanatorium, if it was passed.
  • Entries other experts and the results of additional studies - if necessary.

Also, be sure to check whether the completed passport details and policy number in the appropriate boxes sanatorium card, the availability of the necessary stamps and signatures of doctors.

return ticket to the map F 072 / F-04 is filled by medical workers of the sanatorium (dispensary), given to the patient on his hands at the end of treatment, and then stitched in-patient card for physician review.