On unusual questions during the interview

How to move Mount Fuji?How many piano tuners in the world?How to weigh an elephant without weights?

Such questions at the interview unprepared candidate is introduced into a stupor, casting thoughts about the unfairness of the universe ... What recruiters plagued competitors such puzzles?And if there are correct answers to tricky questions?

Practice the use of non-standard interview questions pioneered at Microsoft.As a "pioneer" in the field of software, the company needed not just good at math, but the people who are prone to innovative thinking and ready to question established truths and rules.The use of unusual questions during the interview to sift allowed specialists with ossified conception of the nature of things, is not ready to create their own new rules and laws.

Over time, this method adopted the other big foreign companies, which required employees who can outside the box, and most importantly to quickly solve complex tasks.But about ten years ago, such methods have begun to practice and Russian employers, adopting the experience of Western colleagues.

Was there a boy?

Oddly enough, but most non-standard issues are not the right answer.

Paundstoun William, author of "How to move Mount Fuji", writes: "I spoke with the interviewers that they [non-standard questions - approx.Ed.] are used, and they enthusiastically assured me that the right answer to them is really unknown - but it does not matter.I even spent a couple of hours trying to find on the Internet, "official data" on the number of piano tuners in the world.Conclusion: no official information on this subject does not exist.Despite the fact that organizations tuners have impressive websites on the number of tuners in the world are missing.Yet every day people take to work or reject their candidates based on how well they respond to these questions. "

Indeed, the recruiter does not matter how many people in the world is engaged in setting up this musical instrument.He is interested in the ability of the applicant to find a way out of the precarious situation.And often important than a result of brain activity and the process of finding the right response: building a logical chain, handling scientific facts and terms, the ability to isolate the main and secondary drop.

If you know the answer to a question of this kind, but can not give it justification is likely you will be denied employment.In addition, HR-specialists pay attention to your behavior when articulating his thoughts: Were you nervous, are you able to clearly and simply convey the idea to the interlocutor, without loss of meaning and so forth.

«Not every question deserves an answer»

How to emerge victorious from the intellectual battle with eychary?Unfortunately for the applicant, and fortunately for the recruiter to show themselves worthy in this situation can only erudite man, well able to think logically.

course, most "special" issues can be easily found in the vastness of the World Wide Web, where there are answers to practical justifications.However, this expert can easily determine where - logical thinking, and where - to paraphrase previously read.Perhaps the best advice is - never to panic!Ask to give you a minute to think it over, calm down and think carefully about your answer.Do not hesitate to offer any, even the most extravagant options and ideas - eychar understand that you do not take a back seat that you are willing to find a solution to a difficult problem.However, do not forget about the logic and value of their inventions - the employer always see the difference between constructive ideas and incoherent proposals that the applicant expects to cover the absence of a clear answer.

Anyway method non-standard issues firmly established in the toolbox Russian HR-specialists.Therefore, the modern candidate must be prepared for the fact that he will be asked during the interview, for example, to determine the mass of the aircraft "Boeing" or calculate how much will be spent on the enamel painting of the Great Wall.

hone skills

We have chosen selected a few of the most popular questions and tried to give them a reasonable answers in the hope that it will help you look more convincing in the interview!

Question № 1. Imagine that you have been reduced to the size of the 5-cent coin, and your mass is proportionally reduced accordingly your density.Now you are thrown into an empty glass blender.Blades will start moving in 60 seconds.What to do?

believed that the author of this question is a corporation Google.Surely that is why its so fond of asking eychary worldwide.A definite answer at this problem does not exist, so the number of possible options for the tens.

Some believe that you can protect yourself from the knife, if you just go to the bottom closer to the center of the blender, others think the mechanism to break, others are planning to jump out of the glass, arguing that the increased force due to its reduction.In any case, the arguments need to use well-known to you the scientific and facts of life, which can operate freely.Otherwise, all your slender logic may collapse after the first supplementary question.

Question № 2. You need to design a bike for the blind.

This problem - the next platform to test your imagination and your mental abilities.Do not forget, what position and what kind of company you are satisfied - in one place the correct answer can serve as a proposal to establish a real working device with a list of all its characteristics, methods of control, protective functions, and so on. D., And in another company the rightconsider a custom response.For example, one applicant said that a blind man on a bicycle - it's pretty dangerous idea.The applicant proposed to make the bike stationary, without the ability to move, and to create the illusion of movement in the face of the rider should be blowing fan.

Question № 3. How much money you wash all the windows in Seattle?

Of course, the answer to this question can show off their knowledge of geography, architecture, physics, geometry and mathematics, citing the response even close to the reality of the amount.In addition, it is possible, for example, remember that Seattle is home to about 615,000 people, and that for each given its own housing and the workplace have an average of five windows.According to the most "rough" estimates it turns out that in Seattle about three million boxes.If for each window to take $ 10, then we get to work about 30 million dollars.However, it is clear that such recalculations have an incredible error, therefore, unlikely to have a right to life.

By the way, the correct answer is much shorter.Suffice it to say that you would do it for $ 10 per box.You name the exact amount of the payment of their labor, but did not wear a recruiter numerous calculations.Do not forget that the employer, in particular, tests your ability to reason quickly and sensibly, as well as the ability to find the most simple and effective way out of the situation.And the process of washing windows in Seattle it is hardly interested.

Question № 4. How can you measure the height of a building using a barometer?

This puzzle game - a wonderful example of how a man can reveal his genius with one simple question.

In the early twentieth century, this simple task offered to solve the exam was still a student Niels Bohr, who later became a Nobel Prize in physics.It was assumed that Bohr had to calculate the height of the building on the basis of changes in barometer.However, the young genius after six minutes of reflection has provided the examiner for more than twenty ways to solve this problem, and neither one of them is not the barometer was used for its intended purpose.For example, Niels Bohr proposed to give the architect barometer in exchange for information about the height of the tower, or use the device as a normal line.There were also those embodiments in which the young scientist demonstrated a truly deep knowledge of physics: he offered to take one atom barometer and put it on top of the tower, and then to measure the probability of finding the electron of the atom at the foot of the tower, so that it will be possible to determine its height.

A full list of the Danish physicist answers to this question can be found here.

course, modern recruiters do not rely on a deep knowledge of the candidate in the field of physics and other applied sciences.However, applicants asking this question over and over again, they do not lose hope to identify among hundreds of applicants modern Niels Bohr, who got it to work in their company.

Question № 5. Let's play Russian roulette?Suppose in my hands a six-shooter.I charge two bullets, and they are located in two adjacent cells.I puts a gun to your temple.Click!Congratulations, you are alive!Now you have two options how to proceed: either you once again press the trigger of a revolver, or scroll through the drum and then presses the trigger.What do you do to stay alive?

It is believed that this issue has arisen in Wall Street and investment banks used by specialists.This is one of the few tasks, which has only one correct answer - you need to pull the trigger again.In this case, your chances of saving is 75%, while after scrolling drum, this figure drops to 66.7%.In this problem, use Bayes' theorem (read it here), however without its application, using only logical conclusion, you can solve the problem correctly.

Alex Kindyalov

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