What documents are required for the temporary registration of newcomer citizen?

In former times there was the concept of residence, and it was clear what it is.Now the terms have changed a little bit, and citizens already make out the registration.Changed accounting rules and visitors, so they need to know exactly what documents are needed for temporary registration.

Various concepts

Before engaging in design, you need to clearly understand the concept of the registration.What is it and what is it for?Then you learn that this is the registration of all is of two kinds:

  1. time (the place of residence of a citizen).
  2. constant (at his place of residence).

The second option is very similar to the former registration.The essence is the same.The person filling out the necessary documents registered at the address where he intends to live permanently or more often.It can be an apartment, a house or, for example, residential premises.Alternatively, it may be a special purpose or a general house any premises.The citizen must be its owner or holder of the contract in accordance with the Russian legislation.All as before.In the first case the situation is slightly different.We are talking about a place where a person lives permanently, and is a short time due to certain circumstances.Therefore, we must clearly understand the difference: what documents are needed for temporary registration and for any constant.

detailed list of necessary papers

temporary housing or shelter for a short period for a person considered to be a sanatorium, boarding house, hotel, hostel, camping and even a hospital.In any case, a certain period of his stay there he should issue appropriately.And for this we need to know what documents are needed for temporary registration.They are few, but the presence of each required to:

  1. Russian passport.For military officers, it may be an identity card.For the rest of the soldiers (conscripts and contract) suitable military ID.And those who have returned from places not so remote, can use their certificate of exemption.
  2. Birth certificates of children (under 14 years), if any.
  3. The application for registration to the specified place of residence of the corresponding sample.
  4. of arrivals in the three (sometimes two) copies.
  5. document which is the basis for living.This may be a contract of employment or just an ordinary statement from the person who provides accommodation.

It - an exhaustive answer to the question of what documents are needed for temporary registration.

for friends from abroad

little different is the case with the citizens of CIS countries.Take, for example, a situation where a person from another country agree on a time for a job with the leadership of the company, located on the territory of Russia.In this case, its design will be carried out in stages, and the list of documents for temporary registration will be completely different:

  1. passport.
  2. migration card.

worth to clarify that since 2007 in Russia the concept of "temporary registration" is replaced by "migration registration."Because these citizens within 5 days from the date of arrival in the country are obliged to apply to the Federal Migration Service for registration.In the case of workers from abroad in the service of the employer addresses.As the host country, it is the documents for all its employees and fills in a standard form of notification of their arrival.There are no fees for this operation Migration Service does not impose on citizens.To obtain copies of the documents used and the originals are returned along with the detachable part of the notification.The employer passes the spine citizen and he must keep it for the entire period of stay in the country.

citizen citizen strife

noted that people can be simultaneously registered as a place of residence and the place of residence.There is nothing strange about it.Anyone can go to another city or country in their personal affairs.But no one can be permanently or temporarily registered in two places.Such a situation is contrary to the very system of registration.Before the law all are equal.Whether you're Russian, African, Chinese and Belarusian, the subject matter does not change.Different are only documents for temporary registration.So, for a citizen of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan enough to have a copy of your passport.For citizens of the CIS need more original and a copy of a regular migration card.But those who came from abroad, you will still provide a copy of the visa to enter the country.The differences are small, but they are totally reflect the views of the Russian state in matters of foreign and domestic policy.

easy to travel around the country

Any citizen of the Russian Federation, which has a permanent residence in one of the cities, can move freely throughout their vast country and not burden themselves with the issues of temporary registration.However, this is only the case if the duration of its stay in a particular area does not exceed 90 days.In all other cases it takes time to register.What documents are needed and how much it costs, do not necessarily know in advance.All information can be easily obtained from the workers of the passport.For example, someone decided a few months to live in another city.For the official residence will need:

1) passport;

2) the basis for the universes of time at a specific address;

3) application specific sample.

first and last documents do not constitute a problem.A second may be advisable:

  • take the help of relatives (if available in the locality);
  • find the lessor agree to the proposed terms of payment.

is best in this situation to seek help from professionals.There are companies that will take the pleasure of this simple problem with a guarantee of the result as soon as possible.