The right stone for attracting love.How to attract the love of a man ?How to find and buy the stone attracts love?

How to attract a man's love?This question asks himself almost every woman who dreams of a serious relationship and family.And the older you get the fair sex, the better they understand that finding a soul mate is not so easy as it seemed in his youth.That is why many women are trying to draw man to himself with the help of magical tools.Today, however, it goes on fortunetellers and other psychics, and how to choose the appropriate mascots (stones) that help in love.

Magic love

about love magic and precious stones, gems and legendary.Some of these attributes are lit and attract passion, others give a happy marriage and fidelity to the spouse, and the third is always rescued from loneliness.With a variety of magical items, you can choose the most appropriate.But do not rush into a purchase, because your mascot you have to find yourself.

Before you buy a stone for attracting love, be sure to familiarize yourself with all its features.After all, the only way to understand and identify with what it is you are missing in your life.

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stone attracts love: pink quartz

One of these talismans of love - rose quartz.Presented crystal can activate anahata (heart chakra) its owner.To bring it to a man, you dreamed all his life, this crystal is recommended to wear as a pendant around the neck, and before going to bed to keep him in his own bedroom bedside.

It should also be noted that Rose Quartz helps to forget the old relationship, to cope with the pessimistic thoughts and quite sharpens intuition and sensuality.In addition, such a crystal gives its owner the wisdom, spiritual strength and compassion, and hinders its excessive emotionality.

Talisman Aventurine

Another stone to attract love is peculiar name - Aventurine.If it gets lonely woman in the process of carrying it affects her emotions and feelings, attracting love.Also, the crystal harmonises the relationship of the mind and soul, balancing bowls of scales of love, which is often the feelings prevail over common sense.In addition, Aventurine is able to protect its holder from the energy vampirism.

submitted two stone mascot combine traditional heart chakra colors, namely green and pink.To harmonize their energy and set it to the channel of love, you can use both of the above crystal immediately.

Talisman garnet

most passionate love stones - red.They can be safely attributed grenades.It is a magical and precious attribute you need to buy if you want to wake up a dozing passion and sexual desire.Wearing mascot color of blood will soon attract into your life a whirlwind of passion and, of course, love.The vibration of the crystal streams contribute to a rapid opening of the channel of sensual energy, allowing to harmonize and guide thought out to attract a suitable partner.For good reason Garnet is a stone lovers.If you are a man made a gift of jewelry with this crystal, then rest assured - it is not indifferent to you as a present, this is a symbol of friendship, love and gratitude.That is why such a talisman is not recommended to wear the minor children as well as adults, who are already married.

magical talismans emerald

This stone attracts love, as well as contributing to success in existing privacy and ensuring a happy marriage.This extraordinarily beautiful crystal harmonizes the relationship between the two lovers, enhances mutual understanding in a pair in the spiritual and in the physical plane.It is believed that this stone is a kind of indicator of infidelity.After all, if one partner betrays the other, he can easily give a crack.

It should also be noted that the presented crystal can overcome the evil tendencies of the owner (lying, scam tendency to infidelity in love, and so forth.).In addition, this stone dispels any negative energy, cleans the human biofield and its habitat from negative energy.Emerald has beneficial effects on the family hearth, and it saves the marriage bond, promotes procreation, stores harmony and peace in the family.

Other stones

There is still a lot of stones that can attract love.Let us consider each of these in more detail:

  • Diamond.It's pretty expensive stone to attract love.But it really works, and brings to life the mutual feelings, especially if it is a young and innocent girl.In the case of the fair sex has already been to a marriage that did not work out, then such a talisman for her to be powerless.
  • Turquoise.Presented stone to attract love is very beautiful and unusual.It can be worn as an ornament not only for those who have just started to look for a soul mate, but also those who have long been in a relationship.In this case, the mascot will maintain mutual understanding, mutual respect and loyalty partners.However, this product is not desirable to give a gift or wear embittered people.Indeed, in such a situation, the stone will bring only misery.
  • Rhinestone.Such a beautiful and easy crystal is a symbol of cloudless, long and mutual love.He is able to ensure a good and tender relationship with her husband for many, many years.
  • Sapphire.This gem excites partner incredible mutual passion, which a man can only dream of.But if they have mastered a dishonest woman or young man, just a stone make them fall in love all in a row.

How to care?

Stones-mascots bring their owners love and happiness in your personal life.But do not forget about them.To do this, experts recommend that every two or three days to wash the crystals with cold water.This simple procedure will remove gems from the accumulated negativity than strengthen their action.It should also be noted that acquired the stones must be replaced by love sunlight.Touching such talismans is desirable when you overcome any doubts or overwhelmed with emotion.