The benefits of running for women.

We probably will not surprise you by saying that the movement - is life.And sitting on the couch together with abundant fatty foods - a bad path.Nevertheless, some details in the healthy lifestyle you want to specify.Or at least to remind them.

Best of all pills

Nothing compares to the effectiveness of jogging in the park at the stadium.Especially great benefit of running for the woman who bears the two, and even three loads a day.

At a time when active legs moving, much blood flows to the heart.It also begins to swing it back quickly.The heart muscle is strengthened.And this is good."Motor" of the body must always be in perfect condition.

you all the nerves?Stress - big and small?But there is an antidote, and very effective.The benefits of running for women and that it is all of these troubles reduced to zero.In the body, it increases the level of serotonin, which just flattens depression, nervous breakdowns, anxiety state.

evenly repetitive movements of hands and feet in general act on the person reassuringly.And this is not fiction, that during jogging in the air a person finds a solution to their problems different.Including those who caused his depressed mood.

No pestilence

Doctors concluded that the benefits of running for women and that is much less risk of cancer of the breast, lung, colon and endometrium (lining of the uterus).After these words, I think that everyone realizes how important it keep track of your body and prevent pathologies.

Here are the latest data by British scientists.We are very active people the chance to have colon cancer by a quarter less than the passive.And those who are passionate about running, 30 percent reduced risk of developing breast cancer compared with a homebody.

Winding laps around the stadium leads to a slim figure.This everyone knows.It is included in the action is incredibly fast rate of burning calories.At the moment they leave far more than in any other exercise.Compare the effect is possible only with skiing.

If you want to bring your body into a desired shape - run.It productively diets, pills and potions.The weight will then be consistently the same.The benefits of running for the female organism is obvious.Of course, if you, delighted at the results obtained, did not neglect training and enters the absorption of cakes and other sweets.

Centenarians like jogging

In the US there is a school of medicine at Stanford University.In the late 80s there started a study of those who run and those who are not involved in this.All subjects were over 50 years.Every year, they were observed in physicians.Finally, many years later (in 2005, the experiment ended) researchers reported that in a group of runners is much less disabled than the one where lazy and do not go to the parks and stadiums.And by the end of the experiment 85 percent of the sports-minded old men were still alive, and among the "lazy" figure was only 66.

run regularly slows the deterioration of the body for 10-20 years.Impressive?Then remember how great the benefits of running for women.

laugh, is not a sin

you know what the euphoria?It painted a positive emotion.It feels like a sudden, a huge sense of excitement and happiness.

you have not realized so free, joyful person?Buy fashionable track suit and soon the stadium!While running in our body produces endorphins.They create a good mood, fun.Please note that all who are passionate about jogging, vigorous and cheerful.And do not count them some fools.Like, everyone today in the life of so many problems, and they are all on the drum.No, their difficulties, they know very well.Just treated differently and solve them easily.Endorphins trigger such a powerful performance mechanism that any depression disappears without a trace.

Beauty + youth

You run, and at this point a more complete flow of blood flows to the brain, which receives more oxygen and nutrients.And you ... umneet.Really!After all, productivity is higher than the gray matter.This means that people become more able to learn, memorize different information.

Do not forget that with age the brain also ages.A running slow these processes.

long been suffering from insomnia?Tried infusions of herbs and pills - and the dream is not all?And do not come as a complete, gives a good rest throughout the body.Run it!

you have problems with your skin?Want to make it a smooth, toned, with no spots and pimples?Benefits of running a woman affects the appearance.After all, with the more oxygen is pumped into the blood, increasing the approach is much nutrients to the skin.And it improves the general condition.

Cons also has

What a skeptical woman say: "We know it all!What about injuries?Other troubles? "Of course, this activity is not without pitfalls.But let us not doubt that the benefits and harms of running for women are inadequate.Of course, in life in general as follows: where "good", there occurs "bad."The main thing - that outweighs.

example, temp.It should not be stressful.And the speed - not such that even in the side aches.We must choose for themselves such parameters under which this occupation will be pleasant.If the opposite - reduce the intensity and volume.Organism reinforcing load reasonable and not overload.

Someone starts to choke.This is from the habit.Breathing should be smooth - and at the start and in the middle, and at the finish.Based on your individual capabilities.However, the recommended duration - not less than twenty minutes.Then it will be run for the benefit of women.

Choose a flat track, without hollows and hills.Do not tilt your head down - it's hard to breathe, and body lean.But far from being back to throw.

Knees high, do not lift.No scuffs.Women with more weight on the leg a better way to put the land - with the heel on the foot.

morning or after work?

Every girl or woman decides it myself - like it is more convenient.Many prefer the early hours.Especially "larks."The more that the benefit of running in the morning for the women there.You get a charge of vivacity, good mood.And the pride of the fact that you won your laziness.

However, experts insist that the benefits of running for the women in the evenings much more.

At the beginning of the day the body is not ready to run.The transition from sleep to wakefulness causes an increased load on the heart, nervous system and blood vessels of the brain.And then there's running ... Closer to the night the body is relaxed, and the entire load comes on muscle mass.

the morning to give a stronger strain of the liver and the kidneys are not worth it.Effect will not be.A from 18 to 20 hours happens best cell regeneration and cleansing organs.Jogging at sunset as productively and vessels.