To cosmetics last longer!

Renowned makeup artist Ralph Daniels (Ralph Daniels) in a recent interview told about why cosmetics spoiled before the expiration date, and how to avoid it.

There, according to experts, the most important factor - it is proper storage.Cosmetics which are not exposed to sunlight, moisture and heat stored longer.

all cosmetics can be divided into groups according to the texture.So pudroobraznaya cosmetics (powder, blush, eye shadow) stored longer.If it becomes soft, flaky, it's time to throw away the means.

If the foundation, lipstick, concealer, shine, creamy texture and shadows change begin to smell unpleasant, it's time to send them to the trash.Similarly, the need to act and liquid cosmetics (mascara, facial fluids, liner) when they dry out or exfoliate.

Extend the use of cosmetics will also help brush.Ralph Daniels advises to buy made from natural materials and wash them about every two weeks.Thus it is necessary to look to only the water gets on the brush, and not on the handle, which is often made of wood.

Makeup artist notes that the use of brushes, which are often washed, not only improves the quality of make-up, but also has a positive effect on the service life of cosmetics.After all, the brushes, which are washed with soap and water, there is little bacteria and less than entered in the vehicle.

addition, Ralph Daniels advises:

1) Suppose that some cosmetics will become your personal.You do not need to share them with others (we are talking primarily about the carcass).

2) When using mascara, do not drive a brush up and down in a tube.So you run to excess air, which dries faster cosmetics.

3) Do not store the makeup in the bathroom.This is one of the wettest areas.Better to let the beautician kept in the bedroom.

4) Always refer to caps and lids cosmetics were closed.

5) If you have moisturizing lipstick, in the summer it is stored in a refrigerator (away from the freezer).

6) Many women add nail polish remover to "podmolodit" varnishes.In fact, for these purposes better suited ethanol.

7) If you have a lot of makeup, and you can not afford to makeup-case, you can put the money in a plastic container out of anything.

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