Slavic Kremlin in Podolsk - attraction of the day

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impossible to build the future, forgetting about the past.Our compatriots prefer to spend their holidays abroad, completely forgetting that a lot of interesting things can be seen in our country.Along with the historical monuments there are also new objects, allowing to learn more about the Slavic culture and customs.One of the good examples - Slavic Kremlin Vitaly Sundakova in the Podolsk district, Moscow region.

From the idea to the creation of complex

Vitaly Sundakov a famous explorer and philanthropist.According to him, in the modern history of Russia there are many inaccuracies and deliberately distorted the facts.Modern people do not know enough about the history of the state and the lives of their ancestors.That is the purpose of education of the Russian people was created this unique modern reserve, dubbed Slavic Kremlin.Today the complex is 2.4 hectares, its construction was started in 2005.All the buildings in the territory of the Kremlin, is a reconstruction.Of particular interest are the following objects: the prince tower, hipped mill Slavic temple and Siberian hut.All of them were built after a careful study of the Slavic tradition of architects under the personal supervision of the owner and organizer of the museum Vitaly Sundakova.

Slavic Kremlin today

Today on the territory of the Slavic Kremlin held a variety of themed festivals and celebrations of Slavic holidays.These days, visit the area and to explore all the buildings can be anyone.Follow the schedule of expected activities and choose the most interesting to you personally.In this unique museum complex master classes artisans make various clubs of historical reconstruction programs, religious services are held in the Slavic tradition.During such events, everyone can personally meet with the founder and owner of the museum, as well as a priest of the local church - Rodoborom being part-keeper of the complex.What's interesting - the place to build the complex was not chosen by chance.According to some archaeologists, the area where today there is Slavic Kremlin (Podolsky district nowadays), about 8-10 century did our ancestors lived.

How to get there?

Slavic Kremlin is located near the village of Valischevo Podolsk district.Please note: the complex belongs to a private person and is available for visits only during public events.For viewing the reconstructed ensemble of the Kremlin decided to make a voluntary contribution - 300 rubles per adult and $ 100 for the child or adolescent.Owner Slavic Kremlin stressed that does not wait for profits, and all received donations of money aims at maintaining and improving their offspring.To get to the museum can be unique from Podolsk on buses 31, 67 and 71. At the private vehicles to get to the Slavic Kremlin can Simferopol highway, turning 35 km small concrete ring pointer "Domodedovo.Bronnitsy.Forest ".Next 7 kilometers, turn on Valischevo and go to the fork, and then turn to Lopatkin.

Museum is waiting for new friends!

Vitaly Sundakov aims to complement its historical complex organized a museum dedicated to the life of our ancestors.The existing team of stakeholders is not easy to cope with this task.On a voluntary basis for cooperation open to all comers.Help can be both materially and physically - for professional builders and architects of Slavic Kremlin is always interested in Podolsk.Also accepted the exhibits in the museum's future collection.