People-daffodils: how to distinguish between, on what grounds?

In Greek mythology, there is a little narcissistic myth of the son of the river god Narcissus, who tried his best to reject such a wonderful feeling, like love.This recognized the goddess of love and decided to punish him.One day Narcissus saw his reflection in the river and really fell in love, because he never for a moment he could not leave his own reflection, and then died a horrible death from starvation.

Of course, this story is just a myth, but, unfortunately, in today's world are more and more like people who are not willing to accept others as they are.For them, there is only their commitment, "I", which no one else just could not break.A similar problem for the modern man is the accepted norm, while the psychiatric patient with doctors temperament safely attributed diagnosed "narcissistic tendencies."Let's talk about what causes narcissism and answer some very important questions regarding this deviation.

  1. Is narcissism is an illness?
  2. Is the person a narcissist because education?What
  3. for patients with a diagnosis of "narcissism" Treatment Tips qualified psychiatrists?

person with narcissistic tendencies

For a start, we offer you to define the notion "narcissism."People, daffodils, as a rule, are incorrigibly selfish, narcissistic and fixated only on themselves and on their own problems.Surrounding often they underestimate and require them to constant admiration for their vital manifestations.Fiat tone and head held high for them are the main hallmark, though often they are actually really unhappy.Self-confidence is a hypertrophic self-esteem.After all, in fact, in each of us sitting daffodil, only someone can ably how to turn it off and, as someone still equates himself to God.In addition, people-daffodils do not stand criticism, while they themselves are willing to express their dissatisfaction with the clock.

Narcissism as a disease

People with narcissistic tendencies are actually carriers of psychological disease that alters their personality.These individuals are constantly striving for an ideal, correcting the errors of his body by a variety of methods.Therefore, as a result, may become the "owners" of anorexia, depression, and even addiction.People-daffodils have one unique feature - their front gyrus brain is too active, so they can look at their behavior from others and objectively evaluate.Such people are not able to soberly assess their behavior, and therefore believe that they behave in the normal range.

symptoms of narcissism

In order to help a person with mental disabilities, it is first necessary to consider the signs of narcissism.About them we'll talk further.

person feels empty and useless

Many people, daffodils describe this state as a big black hole inside that constantly requires filling.Because of this, it is likely that sooner or later they may resort to alcohol and drugs.The only thing that can really help - the feeling of this victory.In order to feel the taste of victory, a person with disabilities is ready for everything, even for the most heinous acts.

Evaluation others and compare them with a

Man daffodil (in nature) was used to assess other people and necessarily compare them with, does not matter, this assessment will relate to the appearance or character.If a person does not feel the violations on the part of others to recognize and love in his address, he begins to fall into depression, which can lead to passion narcotics and alcohol.

Two sides of the coin

person who has a narcissistic character, tend to be in several states at the same time.On the one hand, it is incredibly beautiful, beautiful and unique, and on the other - is clumsy and very unhappy.As a rule, the first state prevails during the universal admiration and immense manifestation of love, and the second - at the time of rejection and contempt.In fact, each of us can remember at the existence of such sentiments, but there is a big difference between a narcissist and an ordinary person.First of all it is the first that there is no simple distinction between "good" and "bad", it all or "badly" or "great until he lost consciousness."

reviewing the symptoms, it can be concluded that narcissism - a disease that can really threaten the further development of the person, while not allowing live and feel a real person.

Narcissism and education

We all know that the child's personality is formed through the education of parents.Highly qualified psychologists the first time can be determined by an adult, as he brought up and how he as a child to pay attention.Narcissism and love of parents is directly linked.

Firstly, the attitude of the father and mother to the baby can be a driving factor, provoke the disease, and secondly, sometimes because of one phrase incorrectly expressed the child begins to see differently and perceive the world.Man-Narcisse tend to evaluate and compare yourself to people around him, and this is directly related to the education of parents.After all, once they tried to remind your child that school classmates better read it, and the guys from the gym to run fast.Of course, they want the best, we thought that because of the statements of their child to become more self-sufficient and successful and achieved the opposite result.You may ask: "Why?" The answer is simple.After all, the problem lies in the fact that his father and mother did not give his son or daughter a chance to accept yourself for who he is, not given the opportunity to explore their own characteristics and skills.Now the child is deprived of the personal "I" will be all my life to look at other people and compare their success with the success of the majority, and because parents always reminded him that in the world there are people better, the advantage is clearly not in his direction.

feelings that often a person feels the rose-

There are several types of feelings that tend to feel a human Narcissa almost daily:

  1. Shame.This category of people often feel shame, which cleverly hides within itself.Due to the terrible feeling of emptiness, worthlessness, invaluable daffodils may fall not only depressed, but also feel a sense of shame for himself, so many of them trek to a therapist is almost impossible, because in the office of Narcissus will be faced with theirshame.
  2. guilt.Woman whether male narcissus - they feel guilt for life to their parents, because it could not meet their expectations, in addition, if the target is not reached estimated around, wine captures Narcissus completely.Very rarely, only when such a person is really tired of self-incrimination, he switched to the claims of personal reflection in a mirror on others.
  3. Anxiety.Similar sensations accompany human-narcissus almost always, it is directly related to the fact that he expects failure or a situation that will be for him unsolvable.The fear of tripping on his life's journey on another bandwagon forcing narcissus be in a state of perpetual anxiety.

Help people with narcissistic disorders

If you have discovered a close signs of narcissism, you necessarily need to help him.The objective of such aid is to encourage people to finding their own individual "I", while passing through anxiety, shame, and a constant feeling of guilt.All therapists believe that in such cases, help a long-term relationship with someone you love.It is believed that this mission is almost impossible, because you can use the support to pull a person from depression and alcoholism, can deprive him of his feelings of shame, anxiety and guilt, but to make love - it's unreal task.Therefore, recovery and liberation of man from the torment of narcissism depends only on him.The main thing - remember that man-daffodil must necessarily go through all the stages of therapy: from "terrible" to "nice."

Be always healthy and careful in the education of their children!