North Port on the Yenisei

Igarka - a very important port in the lower reaches of the Yenisei.It is located in the Krasnodar Territory, which since 1928 and until today remains the main northern point for ships from all over the world.

record holder country

Yenisei River - the pride of Russia.Every resident is used together with the name of this body of water the epithet "father."She belongs to the second place in the area in the Russian Federation and the seventh among the largest systems in the world.This blue ribbon flows from south to north and shares its channel of Siberia to the west and east.

Its origin takes direction from draining the Greater and Lesser Yenisei, in the capital of the Republic of Tuva - Kyzyl.Finish river of 3487 km from this point, near the shore of the Caspian Sea.

Today, this system is a strategically important target for Russian navigation.The waterway has a dozen modern marinas.The northernmost port on the Yenisei, Igarka, takes even seagoing vessels.

Secret name

In ancient times, differen

t people respect the greatness of this flow.Each of the tribes that lived on the banks of the pond, be named for similar names.For example, Evenki gave him the name "UNE", which means "big water".

Keta, who lived in these territories later adopted the name.But their rules to the name it was necessary to add a geographic term.Therefore, to the foreign word "UNE" (meaning "river") has joined the native "ses" (which also sounds like the "big water").The result was called "UNEG", which accurately translated from two different dialects means "river of the river."

In the XVI century, no one could guess that there will be a big port on the Yenisei.People who lived on these shores, only deal with fishing.


use the river as a waterway began Cossacks.Then came the first written mention of it, which date from the end of the XVI century.In 1601 Kondraty Kurochkin made a detailed description of the reservoir.

In his work, he noted that the track is suitable not only for fishing, but also for shipping.Following this, on the banks of the river, one after another began to appear settlement.Within a few years, any city that still exist.The most famous - Yeniseisk and Krasnoyarsk.There also formed ports of the Yenisei River.

Over the years shipping actively developed.By the beginning of XX century the river was released on 26 ships.But the waves went not only trade and cargo ships.On holidays in the water swam excursion ships that were designed to familiarize everyone with the monuments of the local nature.

thanked Cossacks can not only start shipping affairs in the basin, but also for the introduction of the name, which contemporaries enjoyed until now.Later migrations local name of "UNEG" began to sound in Russian as "Yenisei".

main myth city

first port on the Yenisei River was built under the leadership of the new Soviet government.Parking for vehicles is located in the town of Igarka.

history of this village is closely linked to water.Because of this element, and the name of the town was.According to one version, his name has acquired the land in honor of the Strait, which is located.

Pond, in turn, named for a local fisherman Yegor Shiryaev.The man had the glory of a skilled hunter and a man of good luck.Neighbors called the man with love Igarka.To the glory of deft fisherman and lived on, his nickname was named the strait.Although evidence supporting this version is not present, the local love this legend.

This land first appeared on a map in 1725.Detail drawn Strait forwarders Fedor Minin and Chariton Laptev in 1740-m.At that time the territory was only a few yards.

path to fame

More than 150 years later, namely in 1876, humanity began to develop the Northern Sea Route.The ships that arrived, unloaded the goods directly to the bank, which at the time served as a makeshift port on the Yenisei.In addition to being the place where the ships were moored unsuitable for transporting cargo, so also these operations took place in different areas.Often when transferring goods lost in the water.There were cases when the captains, and not waiting for caravans and river barges sailed.

construction of the port, which could take many ships needed.In 1923 he made the first attempt to implement plan.First tried to organize a marina in Ust-Port.During operation of the sailors realized that the location was inconvenient.

later planned to start work in Angutinskoy duct.But these plans defeated captain of the steamer "Tobol" PF Ocheretko, offered to build a northern port on the Yenisei in Igarka duct.

From the village to the national pier

This decision was not spontaneous.The sailor knew these waters and pre-measured depth.The results, which he received, were sent to the "Sibvodput."

Then engineers began to work.They have long explored the Strait, and gave positive feedback.After detailed study of the future project, the experts allowed to be built near the town of Igarka.

June 15, 1929 the authorities have given official permission for construction.The project was part of the Soviet five-year plan, which falls on the years 1928-1932.Thus it was made the first major lesoeksportny port on the Yenisei.

After the start of construction work increased the number of the population.Already in 1931 the number of inhabitants reached 3000. That was when the item was given city status.For the development of new neighborhoods on these lands directed political, military and other detainees.It forces them to build new facilities.Marina worked actively every year traffic volume increased.Ships from over 20 different countries moored on this coast.Then, a port city on the Yenisey gained notoriety sea gates leading to Europe.

period of decline

Although started as a lesoeksportny marina facility in the Soviet Union were on the territory of the grandiose plans.In 1956, the government developed an ambitious plan for the reconstruction of the city.This item was to become not only the center of the sea, but also industrial.

In 1962, disaster struck in Igarka.Horrible fire burned hundreds of houses to ashes.Nevertheless, it was rebuilt from scratch.

The city had dozens of wood processing plants.Their products attract more foreign vessels.In better times, the sea port on the Yenisei could just take about 25 large cargo ships.The rest of the products are sent rafting on the river.

in scope Igarka second only other navigable city - Arkhangelsk.

Who turns this item curled.In 2015 the population of barely 5,000, while in 1989 the figure was almost 20 000.

Despite this, tourists may be interested in Igarka.

item pilgrimage

look behind the scenes of time to help the Museum of permafrost, which is located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.It is the only complex with a dungeon deep in the frozen ground.

early as 1930 in an area where the complex is located today, was a scientific laboratory.Many years later, namely 19 March 1965, one of the halls of the center was opened to the public.It happened on the initiative of the doctor Alexander Pchelintseva mineralogical sciences.

highlight of the complex are not only the exhibits, but also the way they are submitted.All rooms are located at a depth of 14 meters.At this temperature ranges from -5 to -60 degrees.Sections of the walls - a canned message from the past.They are perfectly preserved leaves and trees that grew on the land about 50 000 years ago.

port on the Yenisei to the Museum of permafrost could also tell about the history of his native land.How on this earth were the first people how to construct a colony, how did one of the biggest marinas can elaborate guides.There are exhibits that tell of the sad history of repression and political persecution in the city.

tourists who visit this museum has the opportunity to touch the past.