Nyashki - it lovely people

Oh, this slang!Let us do not use the most trendy catchwords in his lexicon, but the meaning of some terms and expressions of youth can be found even to laugh.The word "nyashka" - an excellent example of this.

«Enrichment of" youth slang speech

«Pearls" of the modern lexicon appear one after another with great speed.Some buzzwords amuse us, some - surprise, others - result in righteous horror.Their values ​​are not found in the dictionary, and one can only speculate about what mean our child and his friends, referring to some "Haslam", "anon" and "nyashki."One word more beautiful than the other.One can only shrug: "nyashki - what is this?".

term "slang" went into circulation at the beginning of the XIX century and has since worked sweeping the planet.Researchers describe him as a "language-tramp," roamed the expanses of the literary language.

Youth Slang, scientists say, is the result of the system counter, counter generations.

boom this phenomenon in Russia dates back to the 20s of the last century.The key role played in the formation of slang increase in the number of homeless children after the Civil wave appearance mods, other youth movements, as well as the total computerization of our life.

use of the word "nyashki»

time passed compliments, which would feature the phrase "agreeable", "cute", "charming".Now they can be replaced by a single word - "nyashka."So it is possible not to take offense.

popularity of the word can be traced among all young people, especially in the circles of fans of anime culture.

nyashki - people, which feels sympathy or friendship.Comply with this concept is to be comely, smile, exude a positive and general strike in all the love and happiness of others.

exceptionally well and nothing else call each other visitors and forums of fans of Japanese comics and cartoons.Also there you can find different variations of this treatment, "nyafka" nyaffka "and" nyasha. "Greet them in this way."Nya!" - Wrote one user to another, and it expresses its respect and friendly intentions.

meaning of the word "nyashki" and its synonyms

origins "problems" send us back to Japan.That exclamation "nya!", Underlying the word before us, drawn heroes Japanese comics and cartoons hello, goodbye, expressing approval and end each of his sentence.Perhaps their "nya" can be considered analogous to our "meow", because most of the characters, who love to chat so have cat ears and tails.

meaning of the word "nyashki" can be found among young people.The interpretation of this "cutie", "handsome", "something beautiful and pleasant."

This word has already managed to get a lot of derivatives.Among them are "nyashnye" (ie pretty), "nyashitsya" (exchange of courtesies), "nyams" (meaning "I would like to voice my opinion").

I would like to believe that the fans of the word outside their usual environment can communicate and think more literary compliance so beloved of the concept.After all, "nyashki" - is first of all the kind people, lovely, warm, nice, nice.The soul-man!And not "nyashka."


Learn Russian youth slang can be as long as a literary language.And the journey it will not be less exciting.Here, for example, the word "nyashka."It would seem so strange and unsightly, and what a nice value it has.

Who are nyashki?This forum regulars for fans of Japanese culture, anime and comic book fans.Calling each other in this way they express their love and respect.Nyashki - it lovely people, nice and smiling.Nowadays, the concept went beyond the environment of formation, and now every schoolchild is familiar with its meaning.In particular, it is attracted to girls who are happy because his friends called and get the same response back.

Yet, no matter how innocuous it may be a word, promotion slang refers to negative phenomena of reality.Therefore, children need to instill a love of the literary Russian language, to acquaint them with its beauty and immense diversity.