is difficult to achieve true mastery in any kind of dispute.Pentathlon (including contemporary) is experiencing an athlete in five different disciplines: horse riding, shooting, fencing, swimming and running.The ancient Greeks, who laid the foundations for the pentathlon, believed that the totality of the special test shows not only the physical power and agility of a wrestler, but his morale is high.

pentathlon and Greeks

pentathlon is a type of sports around.Athletes participating in this contest, can show their proficiency in each of the five disciplines.The complex of these disciplines, according to the basic idea is to reveal possibilities of the human body from different angles, creating a common ideal of physical perfection.Pentathlon history rooted in ancient times when the ancient Olympics athletes were measured qualities necessary to successfully combat the ancient Greek warriors - they competed in the race for a certain distance, lengthy jump, throw darts and discs covered with rugged terrain on horseback.As believed by the ancient Greeks but they showed perfect body with the spirit, and moral perfection, which bring various sports grueling workouts, patience and abstinence.

Revival of pentathlon

Together with the revival of the Olympic Games pentathlon was also returned from oblivion.In the early 20th century it joined the program, but certainly not in the same form in which it was practiced by the ancient Greeks.The idea that several disciplines together can increasingly characterize the degree of physical training of the person has been taken as a basis and to modernize.

Later around, as in ancient Greece, reflecting the level of military skill and combat training, however, in proportion to the current century, and was called "the officer pentathlon", and before the competition allowed only applicants with the rank of officer.Some discipline in its fundamental form passed from the ancient pentathlon.It is running and horse riding over rough terrain.Their essence is preserved, but the modern pentathlon, unlike the ancient, has different distance requirements for track evaluation methods.Also, the officers had to demonstrate skills in fencing epee, pistol shooting and crossing water obstacle any style of swimming.All sports were evaluated and the winner is determined.

Over time, this type of combined events popularized gradually taking the form of order as we know it.After the creation of the International Union of Modern Pentathlon competitions were admitted to all comers, no officer rank.Currently, in addition to a modern, yet classic distinction athletics pentathlon.Since then, the program of Modern Pentathlon has undergone several changes, although all disciplines have remained the same.

Overcoming cross-country riding (jumping)

In this competition, the athlete does not saddling his horse, and the one that will give him a lot.In fact, to travel around it, he is given 20 minutes, 5 attempts at taking obstacles.Distance Jumping Competition is determined from 350 to 450 m, located on it obstacles, not exceeding 120 cm in height and 150 cm in width, including the need to be at least one double and one triple system.

Depending on the distance, the Federation of Modern Pentathlon establishes interim rules for the passage all the way, which is equal to the maximum number of points you can get a party.The end result depends on whether the participant fails to meet this norm, as well as performance.This takes into account the loss of control over a horse, a blockage obstacles, as well as the loss of a horse rider or fall.For every second of time in excess of the norm, and for every technical violation accrued penalty points, a total score is obtained by deducting the amount of their original number of points.

overcome water obstacles

Distance to overcome the water hazard - 200 m. The choice of style swimming party carried out arbitrarily.The rating is as follows: the rate determined by the time, which is equal to the number of points, and the time range is usually 0.3 s, which equates to penalties.If the time to overcome the distance of less than normal, the score is added to the total times the amount of points, if more - then fold the number of points deducted.

Fencing epee

where all the participants meet each other in person, the only time in all the pentathlon.Modern registering the injection is carried out by means of electrical sensors.Spend battle before the first injection.If none of the fencing can not get your opponent, the fight ends after 1 minute, both of them are lost.Also, none of the shots are not zaschityvatesya if both managed to stab the enemy, but with a difference of 0.04 s, and the end of the fight will mark the team «Halt».

There is also a rate corresponding to a certain number of points and wins 70%, which will be deducted from or added to which points, depending on whether there were more or less defeated opponents.Technical violations, such as, for example, turn your back to the enemy or unsafe manipulation imputed swordsman in the fine and also deducted from the total score.

cross country and shooting (harvester)

modern pentathlon combines cross-country and the firing of a gun.All previously purchased glasses are transformed in the interim period.As a rule, cross the shooting is the final test.Thus, the participants find out who the first to go to the start, and who gets a head start.

distance to cross is defined in the 3000 meters. All along the route there are three firing line.The task of the athlete - to cover the five targets to which it has an unlimited number of rounds or after a certain period of time to leave the line and continue the cross, even if part of the target will be uncovered.Modern Pentathlon Russia admits air pistols, which must be recharged after each shot, or laser guns.The participant crossed the finish line first, wins the pentathlon.