Why do good?

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Since childhood, we know a lot, seemingly simple, lengthy, ambiguous ethical categories.The concept of "good" - one of them.What is the essence of this category, and whether the person is able to always correspond to it?Understand this is not so simple.

meaning of the word "good»

hard to find the concept of same lot of different meanings, each of which is positive.You should start with the most extensive.

From a philosophical point of view is good - this is one of the most important ethical categories used to describe the positive moral values.It exists in contrast to the notion of evil and expresses its sincere and selfless desire to make a good act for the benefit of another person.

Dictionary of Russian language called good that "brings happiness, benefit and well-being."You can also meet the definition of "good deed."In addition, we call good personal effects and belongings.The ancient Slavic alphabet also was known as one of the letters.

It should be noted that the true good can assume only that it was done intentionally.Luck or simple thoughts without action, according to the philosophers in this category do not belong.

What constitutes "good»

any of the ethical categories can be viewed in two ways.So, in the philosophy of hedonism it is considered to be that good - and it's fun all the way leading to its preparation.Representatives of the school of utilitarianism are in this category all that is useful to man.The relativistic ethic as opposed to the rest of the good scientists call deep subjective concept that exists only in our minds.According to them, good is that we do believe so.

closest to understanding the concept can be considered good, which was laid in our childhood - by the parents, society and religion.

is to understand what is included in this concept: good thoughts and actions for the benefit of the people around us, sincerity and selflessness, that changes the world for the better and is a positive assessment of the company.

Why do good?First and foremost for himself: for peace of mind, joy and a sense of pleasure from his actions.Deserving characteristic "good" man expresses his high moral character and sensitive to the problems surrounding the heart.This should aim to achieve each of us.

concept of "good" in Orthodoxy

religion treats the concept in the same plane as the philosophy.The Bible calls us to do good, not just because calling any creative business, but also thought and speech.In contrast to the evil it creates, loves, helps, happy and forgiving.Welcome good wins, it is a peaceful and holy.Give yourself to good deeds - is to act according to the will of God.This is the main answer to the question, why do good.No wonder this category in the Orthodox religion ascends to an ideal, which relies follow everyone.

Also, this concept is considered too abstract.Knowing only the definition of good, it is difficult to understand how to apply it in every single situation.That is why, call the priests, from the school should be on simple and clear examples to explain the essence of this category of children.

Why do good?Orthodoxy gives his answer: to give their love to the world and cover the journey of life pleasing to God affairs.

Why do good?

Have people over this issue?More often than not, doing something good, people just want to experience the fun and see the smiles on the faces of those he helped.

Psychologists say that the more we like to receive kindness, and not give it away.We want respect, love, care, understanding.How to get it?The secret is simple: a person must do good himself.And we will respond to love with love, understanding - understanding.This basic rule of a happy life in this world.

Many do not understand why do good, if still around falsity and deception.But otherwise nothing has changed.Only the power of his selfless good aspirations and heart can break the ice wall of indifference and widespread blind pursuit of profit.Everything is in our hands!


Welcome - the central category not only ethical, but also of our lives.Choosing the right way to do the right choice and at the same time follow your heart - an art, you need to comprehend that many, many years.Consciousness comes from wisdom, and wisdom - with experience, and that's the difficulty.To facilitate the process of finding a good help parents, older friends, teachers, religion.Following the biblical commandments - is a recipe for godly life, full of good works and humility.

Why do good?To live a full life, surround yourself with positive energy, to help people.And most importantly, getting good response.This is not a selfish desire, based on personal gain.This is the normal nature of things, the law of life, the basis of the existence of our world.