Love and compassion: why humanism is considered the highest moral value?

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In 2015, the number of people living in the world, exceeded the threshold of 7 billion., And every day this number is steadily increasing.Against the backdrop of overpopulation of the planet some might express surprise: why humanism is considered the highest moral value?It's very simple: the more densely populated planet, the more conflicts arise regarding borders, resources, economy, religion and so on.And if not the principles of humanism, all these quarrels would be solved only with the use of violence, instead of using the peace talks.

What is humanism?

Like any philosophical direction, humanism has no clearly defined borders and frames, so it is quite difficult to give a precise definition of it.First of all, humanity - is the love of man, while it does not matter who that person is - Indian, Arab, Chinese or Russian.According to the conception of this philosophical trend all people are equal, and each life - a priceless gift.

But why humanism is considered the highest moral value?The short answer in this case to fail, because you first need to understand the power of the word.For that you should pay their attention to the origins of humanity.

History of origin of humanity as a whole philosophical direction

Humanism originated in the Renaissance, becoming its symbol.Such a course, with its innovative idea of ​​the importance of the human "I", caused a lot of objections.Before that was considered a center of the universe, God, and there was nothing more important to him.All concepts of medieval Europe revolved around this idea, and the Church endowed with unlimited power saw to it that the order is not violated.

But nothing lasts forever, including the authority of the church.The Renaissance was known for its fearless thinkers who are not afraid to punishments of the Inquisition, broken the usual stereotypes and established a new direction, called humanism.Based on their reasons, everyone is endowed with the divine spark, and thus his life is sacred.That is why humanity is considered the highest moral value, and so fiercely protects the philosophers of the time.

Over the years this idea has developed and now humanism - a very common notion that occurs in many cultures.Moreover, even religion was able to use this concept, however, a few mangled its essence.

What is humanism in society

If the history of the emergence of the term is more or less clear, what about how it works in real life?What is its role in society, and why humanity is considered the highest moral value?

According to conventional theories, humanism inherent in all people, without exception, in fact it helps individuals to co-exist peacefully, thus forming a society.The problem is that over time, under the influence of external psychological programs, humanism is suppressed by our consciousness.An example of such public facilities may be religious dogmas, the age-old tradition, the cruelty of others, and so on.Nevertheless humanism or love of neighbor is inside each of us.

That is why in today's society so much energy is spent on that to fully realize this philosophical direction and send it to the benefit of all people.After all, love and compassion can help in those difficult moments when mature serious conflicts between people, companies and even entire nations.Only humanity can save you from bloodshed and senseless killing.

addition, humanism elevates man in the first place.Therefore, the study of their own "I" is very important for the followers of this movement.That humanism will introduce concepts such as self-knowledge and self-improvement.

Also, according to experts, such a philosophical concept makes progress.The reason is that humanity creates an environment in which people respect each other, and it allows you to build a relationship of trust.To believe that in difficult times you are not rushed and can help.All this allows us to move forward, not looking back with fear.

How difficult is it to be human?

Yet a full answer to the question: "Why humanism is considered the highest moral value?" - Can not be given.After all, the very notion of humanity and love of neighbor is very vague, and everyone sees it differently.One can without hesitation to devote himself to famine relief in Africa, and the other friend fails in a piece of bread.

For this reason, most of the organizations for the protection of human rights and freedoms are now seeking to convey to people the significance of humanism, to explain the depth of the word and how it is important for all of us.It is impossible to be a man without being humane to another.