The secret of youth from Heidi Klum is simple!

heroine of the December issue of Self, famous model Heidi Klum, discovered the secret of how long to stay without wrinkles and look young.Her method is not without Botox.And just ...

few extra kilos!

Heidi said in an interview: "In order to look young - do not have to be skinny.It is always better to have a little meat on the bones.When you have only the muscles, then over the years the person immediately becomes very thin and looks older than 5 or even 10 years older. "

However, according to the supermodel, it does not mean that you should throw the training and become lazy.Heidi, for example, simply running.She wears sneakers every morning and runs."I do not like exhausting exercise equipment, and jogging suits me perfectly.For seven weeks, I ran 120 miles!The body was firm and I are happy now! ".

Klum also called supermom, for her four children!And right now, Heidi says that is absolutely not afraid of the aging process.

«I have no anxiety today about wrinkles.Maybe in the future, I'll think about Botox, but now I absolutely do not need!Now I feel completely comfortable at my age and with my skin, which already have wrinkles. "

Heidi married to singer Shiloh five years.And maybe, in a happy family life - a piece of her secret of youth."Why are we still together?We - a very different, so we cancel each other out.I'm very active, I do not like to sit long in one place.And my husband - the most patient man in the world!It can be several hours to teach children something.But we both - creative people, we can have a variety of hobbies, and we do not interfere with each other.We love each other and trust. "

But still, what is the secret of happiness of family?- Never tire of asking journalists Self.

«I'm always thinking about what to do, so that the family was happy - admitted model.- Maybe write some travel or escape from the world for a weekend, or somewhere to go all together ... Always something come up.I believe that we should not wait for other people when they make us happy.We need to do everything itself for your happiness! »

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