Simple but effective exercises for the muscles in the arms, buttocks and lower back

Exercise can not only lose weight and keep yourself in good shape, but also give the body spectacular outlines: build muscle, get rid of saggy skin, enhance the figure.

In this article we consider three sets of exercises, aimed at different muscle groups: simple exercises for the muscles in the arms, buttocks and lower back.These classes, subject to the technology, will achieve quick results, even for beginners.Performed at a frequency of 2-3 times a week.Untrained should start from the 1st times a week.

exercises for the muscles of the hands

in all sports and training programs muscles in his arms pumped mainly using hand weights - is the most effective and quickest way.But that it worked, it is necessary to know how to do these exercises.

general rule, start with a minimum load.In the first phase of training should prodelyvat exercise a few times with a dumbbell and a small weight (for women from 0.5 kg for men - 2 kg).

Before you begin, get up and take a deep breath while you catch up, and a deep breath.The first method is performed while standing, feet should be placed at shoulder height.Hands rise up and down to shoulder level, elbows should be sent at this point in different directions.So 10 times.Over time the load increases up to 40 times, but you need to take breaks (instead of rest should be carried out more, as a simple exercise or do a workout, take a breath).

following method allows to pump another group of arm muscles.Running sitting, and this will require dumbbells 2 kg.The elbow rests on the leg, while lifting dumbbells should touch the shoulder.Do not unbend arm completely.Make 8 times (for women) or 10 (for men).Increase the load to 30 times intermittently.

These muscle exercises designed to strengthen the hands of well-known triceps and biceps.2 months of training, and your hands will find the desired shape, become stronger.

To not have to buy different weight dumbbells, both replaced by the following exercises.In front standing, arms outstretched to the sides are bent at the elbow (dumbbell weighing 1 kg).For women it is a difficult exercise, so should be increased to 8 times to 20 men - from 10 to 30.

exercises for the muscles of the buttocks

quickly tighten the buttocks, strengthen muscles allow the following 2 exercises.

Get on all fours.Pull back and one leg out of this situation, start to bend at the knee.Fully leg not unbend.Do not do this exercise in spurts.Every muscle must exert.Make sure that the back was straight (do not bend).Performed 5-6 times for each leg.

To move to the next exercise, from the rack on all fours stretch (body back, arms extended in front of him, pressed to the floor breast).

Standing in the same position, change the position of the hands: bend them at the elbows (the lower part of the hand is pressed to the floor).From this position, pull the leg back, then bend the knee to 90 degrees, ie,perpendicular to the floor.From this position, lift your leg up.It will be difficult, but eventually you will be given this easier.Pick up a few times.Then, with the other leg.

These exercises are carried out twice a week for a sufficiently stable effect for 2 months.

exercises for the muscles of the lumbar

Back pain - the most common problem.Strengthening these muscles will prevent overloading the lower back, to reduce the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle and active physical work "on their feet."

Lying on your back, raise both legs stretched up, hold them in a position perpendicular to the floor, and so a few times.Lying on your stomach, bend your elbows, hands stacked on top of each other (they will be at the level of the forehead), put his head on them.From a prone position on the floor slightly lift the upper body so that only the muscles worked waist.Over time you can complicate the exercise, rising from the floor and turning the body (again bending at the waist), first in one direction with a delay in the middle, right into another, then lowered completely to the floor.So 5-6.

Over time, these exercises for the muscles in the arms, buttocks and lower back can supplement (or replace) more complex.For example, to strengthen the muscles of the back (not only lower, lower back) can work with a barbell.To get started is not too hard.For the muscles in her arms - to take heavier weights and complicate the exercise: to raise hands to shoulder height on top and bottom - up to shoulder level, but at arm's length and in a sitting position.