How to increase the hip?

few representatives of the gentle sex satisfied with their hips.The reasons may be the exact opposite - someone thigh seem overly full, someone thinks completely the opposite.This article is intended for those who are concerned about how to increase the thigh in order to make them more feminine.Among specialists this question is considered to be difficult.In principle, there are two approaches to solving the problem - with the help of clothing and with exercise.

not hard to guess that the first option decides not so much as to increase the volume of the thighs, how much, how to show big hips.In the performance of this method is quite simple.You just have to own some of the methods of selection and the formation of a wardrobe.By then it will have to think not about how to increase the thigh, but about how to change the wardrobe.

Do not wear blouses or jackets with wide shoulders, so that they are not in contrast "eat" the volume of the lower part of the figure.For the same reason you should avoid puffed sleeves.Remember one thesis - bright colors mimic the additional volumes.It is therefore desirable to abandon outerwear light colors, especially if it is large enough.In other words, the clothes must be chosen so that the bottom was lighter top better on some tones.Well suited for the same purpose bright colors in clothes or large patterns - geometric or floral.

must strive to choose jackets with deep neckline and short sleeves a bit.A good choice would be the narrow shirts or corsets.Wide torso help hide blouse with a high shoulder line.The volume, but not long sweater dress does not show hips, but divert attention to shapely legs.That dress, opening the shoulders, can significantly increase the torso visually - be careful with his choice.

Well look trapeze skirts with high waist, accentuated any belt - narrow or broad.However, the belt should stay just at the waist, but not the hips!At times it is desirable to place attracting attention to detail - buckle, bow.The skirt may be long, but it must be a long and voluminous top.Finally, a tulip skirt - perfect choice for figures with narrow hips.

Now a few words about the second method is to increase the thigh.Again, there are several ways.The first - an elegant, but requires a lot of effort.It is a well-known fitness.The second method is more pleasant, but treacherous - you just have to use a lot of high-calorie food, including sweet and flour, which will increase the mass of adipose tissue.

choose the first way to find a good instructor and tell him what you want to achieve.Most likely, he will recommend specific exercises to enhance hips to help develop only certain muscles without affecting other parts of the body.By the way, the increase in the thighs addition of fatty tissue still require some exercise to fat is stored there, where he was waiting.

Getting started with a set of exercises, remember that it is necessary to train not only the object of adjustment, that is hip.One-sided exercise will lead to one-sided result.The body should develop harmoniously, without preference for any of its parts.No less important point - exercise requires a lot of energy, so need a program of proper nutrition.

should also experience a corrective underwear.It not only supports muscles and make them more resilient, but may comprise a special insert to help accentuate the thigh.When stressed a narrow waist and slender legs your thighs will look more three-dimensional body on a common background.You are a few options for how to increase the thigh - with the active influence on them or only visually.The choice is yours.