Condoleezza Rice: "I'll be at the White House!"

The fact that Condoleezza Rice (pictured) - 66 in a row and the first by gender and skin color US Secretary of State, everyone knows.Her biography and track record can be found on many online resources.Much more interesting to trace the steps of her way, as not every black Americans, even the man who manages to occupy such a high post.Maybe it traces the process of its development, will be able to more accurately assess this in its own extraordinary personality.

«I find myself here ...»

When small Condoleezza was only eight years old, his father, a teacher of one of the US universities led the girl on a trip to the White House.Unlike other children she looked at the situation, but the concentration of something thought.Then, looking into the eyes of his father, he said: "... I find myself here."Even then, in early childhood, the girl set a goal: to take place in the White House.She was not embarrassed no color, nor the lack of political ties with her parents.Condoleezza Rice made her: after graduating from the University of Denver, replacing numerous administrative posts, the Director of the Security Council worked on the Soviet Union, the lady became the first non-white woman to hold the post of secretary of state.

Condoleezza and democracy

cabinet on the wall hangs a female Secretary of State J. speech. Marshall, in which he proposes a plan pereobustroystva postwar Europe.Condoleezza Rice considers herself his successor.It's safe to say that the States - the only country in the world that brings the people of Eastern countries, democracy and prosperity.She truly believes that only the United States with his intervention in the internal affairs of many countries, with their arms able to bring peace to the eastern people.Kondolliza Rice said that in the area where she grew up, the word "democracy" does not exist.However, the country was able to build it, despite the obstacles and dissenting opinions.Maybe the word "democracy" Lady-66 understands her, but her opinion does not retreat one iota.Employability, perseverance and strict adherence to its own principles appreciate the heads of many countries.Secretary of State really committed team, with which it works.Comparing her tenacity, confidence and performance with her own beliefs, one of the sites said that a political figure Condoleezza Rice efficient as well as effective were the People's Commissars of Stalin during the war.

«... nothing to talk about with Putin»

By Condoleezza Russia is more than critical.Firstly, because of its concept of democracy is not the same understanding of the term Putin and Medvedev.Secondly, because it is sure: reboot relations took place only by the US and Russia is not going to do that.Rice has always been expressed about Russia, to put it mildly negative.66 Secretary of State does not like that Russia supported the UN Resolution on Iran sharply criticized the policy of the country to Syria and asylum E.Snoudenu publicly called "slap" US."Russia", - assured Condoleezza Rice - "power that has lost its power. And so Obama is not much to talk about with the President of Russia."Some politicians believe that the time is not far when the place of the President of America will apply black woman with their own views and enormous capacity for work.