Racist - who is this?

racist - a man convinced of the physical and mental superiority of some races over others, and that these differences are crucial to the cultural and historical achievements of the different peoples.

racism in the modern world

In today's world, where the most progressive part of the community in favor of democratic principles, popular is also the idea of ​​pluralism of opinions and views.This means that any view, the interpretation of the historical process, political movements and other products of human thought have the right to exist and defend their own positions by lawful means.In the political sphere of states declaring democratic system and government, this involves the peaceful coexistence in it of parties and movements of various kinds.However, it is essential that pluralism and tolerance can not be extended to the misanthropic views.In this sense, the "racist" - it's definitely a negative determination, and people, calling for discrimination against people with different skin color (cut eye) or even more to the illegal actions against them, should definitely be responsible before the law.

history of racism

opinion that representatives of different human races are unequal in their abilities, there was a very long time.And, in fact, it gives rise to it repeatedly, once met representatives of different civilizations with strong external differences.However, for a long time, racism is not made in any meaningful philosophy on the grounds that, firstly, there was not much dominance of representatives of one race over another, and secondly, there simply was no need.It emerged only in the era of colonialism and mass treatment of residents of the African continent by Europeans in their slaves.This practice should be justified in the public eye, and the slave-owners themselves.First of all, this justification was sought in the Bible, in the story of Noah cursed the descendants of Ham - supposedly the most Africans.First of science racist - a Frenchman, Joseph Gobineau.This man is still in the middle of the XIX century was the founder of the scientific justification for the inequality of the human races.The basis of its ideology lay down practical observations about how far in their developments left Europe this time - economic, military, cultural and political - from the civilizations of other continents.According to Gobineau, it was explained by the original advantage of the so-called Nordic race in intellectual abilities.

the whole second half of XIX century and the first half of the XX century was a time of prosperity and theoretical justification of racism.In 1860-1870-ies, after the withdrawal of slavery in the United States, here in full bloom racism among demobilized soldiers and officers of the Southern army.American racists appears before us in white robes and cap.Representatives of the Ku Klux Klan because of their scope of activities have become one of the main symbols of this movement.However, the most famous member of the ideologist and beliefs about the inferiority of certain races and peoples is Adolf Hitler.Unfortunately, persistent in his ignorance in the ultra-modern Russia continued to use the symbolism of the Nazi Party in spite of the fact that a defective Nazis applies Slavic race.As an extremely weak counterargument Russian racists are excerpts from the speeches of German officers, flirt with local collaborators and talk sometimes what they wanted to hear.However, after the defeat of the National Socialist German racism continued good health for a long time in some parts of the world.For example, in South Africa apartheid racist - it was not dirty designation.But apartheid existed until the 1990s.