Land reclamation

Land Reclamation - is the restoration of contaminated environmental surfaces, and in other words, it is holding various activities that contribute to the restoration of soil.

contaminated land

People routinely violate land cover our land by all means: conduct reclamation work, cut down forests, mined minerals, erect buildings and surrounding areas overwhelmed all sorts of rubbish.In addition, we bury radioactive waste, poisoning the soil with pesticides and herbicides.How to be a fertile ground in these extreme conditions?To do this, you need to think about how to revive the soil and help it recover.

How to restore the land

This requires land reclamation, which under the right approach can bring tangible results.This is a fairly complicated and expensive way to help nature recover after our intervention, but if you do not, then we have every chance of extinction.Reclamation of land consists of the following works:

  • of design, laboratory of chemical research and mapping land.
  • works associated with the removal, transportation and storage of fertile land.
  • alignment surface.
  • Application enriched layer.
  • Purification of industrial waste.
  • Adding mineral fertilizers.
  • Sowing phyto plants.

One of the main imbalances of the soil is saline water pollution.Land reclamation in such cases is done with great care, since it is necessary to clear, as a rule, a fairly large area.Poisoned waste into the soil, and completely destroy the ecological balance of nature.

Earth that some unscrupulous business executives clog waste production, very quickly turned into a dead zone.It is unlikely that anyone would want to live on this earth?The only way to restore - a land reclamation.Hundreds of scientists all over the world constantly working on this problem, and quite successfully.If you strictly follow their recommendations, it is possible to restore our land.

land reclamation is carried out not only on themselves "sick" of the Earth, but also in the surrounding area for better recovery of land.All the victims were collected after remediation, securely preserve the bulk storage that must be constantly monitored to ensure complete safety of the environment.

Remediation of contaminated lands

Special reconstruction work should be carried out in the oil-polluted lands a pipeline passing through it, where the crash leaked, or oil-producing fields, as well as companies engaged in the oil distillation and its further processing.The process of land reclamation is to remove the oil from the soil.

Oil pollution can be mild or strong.With moderate pollution being made to cleanse the soil using farming methods.Land loosened to a great depth and fertilized.At strong pollution remediation of contaminated lands performed more sophisticated methods.These soils are special conditions for the activation of certain chemical processes that contribute to the elimination of pollution.Through fast and qualitative cleaning of oil-polluted lands, we can ensure the protection of our land and we will not use one century its wealth.Only the full range of activities related to land reclamation, is able to give real results that will help us save the planet called Earth for our descendants.