Oled-TV - what is it?

Nowadays, technological progress is developing very rapidly.For example, even 20 years ago in our country, very few people knew about the existence of the computer.Now the PC is almost in every home.Every day there are new gadgets and old technologies are modernized.

Thus, relatively recently (March 2013), have been actively disseminated Oled-TV.What it is?This is what we will discuss in this article.We consider in detail the features of this modern technology, we will talk about its advantages, disadvantages, and so on. D.

technology Oled

First, let's say a few words about the technology itself.Oled (from the British organic light-emitting diode) - a special technology, which is based on the semiconductor device made of special organic compounds.These compounds can actively emit light therethrough when an electrical current miss.The fact that the organic material capable of electroluminescence (nonthermal glow that is excited by electricity) learned back in the 1950s.The discovery has made the French scientist Andre Bernanoz.

But how this technology is used in televisions?The remarkable Oled-TV?What it is?On this and many other things you can read in this article.

Oled-TV: What is it?

old technology can find a place in the modern world.A great example of this - Oled-TV.What is it and what it eats?Answers to these questions can be found here.

characteristic feature Oled-TV is a matrix in which the basic functional elements are organic light-emitting diodes.That is, these elements combine TVs organic electronics.By passing an electrical discharge through a natural compound, obtained a bright glow.And using phosphors can get a quality glow in any color.

In theory it sounds good, but how things work in practice?In fact televisions Oled-TV has many advantages, which we'll discuss later.

Positive features

Perhaps the first and most important advantage - an incredibly high brightness and contrast settings.OLEDs provide a wide range of illumination.Thanks to them, you can adjust the brightness from the minimum value (for convenient operation at night) to the startling brightness of up to 100 thousand cd / m2.As for contrast, then Oled-TV can get a phenomenal level of 10 million to 1. Of course, other televisions such indicators unattainable.

Another advantage - compactness.Oled-TV have very small dimensions and weight.Again, thanks to all the most OLEDs, which have magnificent electroluminescence.Because this completely eliminates the need for a backlight.Accordingly, without light in the housing saves a lot of space.

addition, unusual LEDs allow manufacturers to produce new matrix, which has a very wide viewing angle.This means that Oled-TV can be viewed from any angle and still image quality will remain at the same level without any distortion.This feature is certainly useful to those who like to watch movies with your family or a large group of friends.

also worth to notice that the matrix Oled-TV to have a delightful response time.Even in the most dynamic scenes, or at sharp change of scenery you will not notice the inertia track, which is directly connected with a great response.

And finally, it should be said about the cost of electricity.For a while, there were rumors that Oled-TV very voracious and require a lot of electricity.However, it turned out quite the opposite.Oled-TV eat at times less energy than the same LCD.


addition to the advantages Oled-TV have disadvantages.Perhaps the main drawback of such a device - fragility.OLEDs can not boast a long service life.Red and green LEDs can run tens of thousands of hours (a pretty decent indicator).The main problem is that the blue LED has about 18 thousand hours (something about two years).At the moment is an active development of long-lasting LEDs.In the meantime, buyers are forced to enjoy the delightful image of just a couple of years and then look distorted picture.

Another drawback that prevents many OLED TV to buy - price.Compared to Led-TVs, the Oled-models are sky-high price.After all the fun that it should be the opposite.In theory, the production of Oled-display is much less expensive.This means that the TVs OLED should be cheaper than the LCD.But why, in practice, all completely different?The fact is that the technology of Oled-displays are not yet fully mastered.This in turn results in a significant cost increase.

Needless to acquire Oled-TV?

It's all purely individual.Of course, it is best to wait a couple of years.As was written in the beginning of this article technology is developing very quickly.This means the next few years the main shortcomings Oled-TV will be corrected and the technology will start to be distributed en masse.Better to wait a year or two and buy a quality product, you buy an optimized and raw device is now.

Top Oled-TV

If the above does not convince you and you are willing to pay a lot of money for one of the first to try out the new technology, let's look at the best model Oled-TV from different companies.

At the moment, very few companies which produce Oled-TV.This is due to the fact that for the development of new technology needs huge finances.Accordingly, these TVs can produce only large companies such as Samsung and LG.Their products now and we'll talk.

Oled-TV Samsung

Samsung KN55S9CAFXZA - delightful representative Oled-TV from Samsung.Screen size is as much as 55 inches.In conjunction with the new technology it will give a delightful picture.It should also say a few words about a special feature called Smart TV.TV of the present generation are controlled by voice or gestures.Through this management it has become much more responsive and more convenient.In addition, Samsung KN55S9CAFXZA has another interesting feature called Smart Dual View.With this mode, you can simultaneously watch two TV programs on one television.The new model was improved browser.Now you can communicate in social networks, or watch videos on YouTube without any delay.Do not forget that Samsung KN55S9CAFXZA - it is also an active 3D Oled-TV.Thanks to new technology the picture will be much more realistic and juicier.As a result, we can say that Samsung KN55S9CAFXZA - delightful Oled-TV.Price it varies between 10 000 dollars.

Oled-TV LG

Model 55EA9800 - currently the best Oled-TV LG.The price of such a device is about 9000 dollars (cheaper than analogue from Samsung).The display is 55 inches.LG 55EA9800 has many useful features.For example, the TV supports Skype.In addition, there are standard features like voice control mode "Picture in Picture" and so on. D. It is interesting that the TV has support for 24p True Cinema.With it you can view the films in the capacity in which they were removed (ie 24 frames per second).Like most modern TVs LG 55EA9800 able to connect to Wi-Fi.