Environmental protection

From childhood we were all taught that you must take care of the environment.Parents are accustomed to order, insisting that you can not make a mess on the street, at school, in the classroom work taught to do birdhouses and isolated special days for Saturday.Many schools even have studied a special item, which includes the section "Environmental Protection".

Unfortunately, human activity is the most negative impact on the natural processes in the biosphere.Aiming to create favorable conditions for their lives, people are thus largely influenced by the environment.Mines and factories emit an incredible amount of harmful toxic substances that lead to the destruction of the ozone layer.Uncontrolled catching of fish or hunting of animals leads to the disappearance of a species.Therefore, it is an acute problem for the set of measures, the main purpose of which is to limit the negative impact of human activities.All of these concepts includes environmental protection.

What can man do to improve the situation?First of all, companies should monitor the amount of emissions into the atmosphere.You also need to limit the unauthorized release of waste.There is plenty of modern methods developed by environmental logistics, which allow total cleaning with minimal negative impact on the environment.

Equally important is the creation of national parks, nature reserves, which make it possible to preserve the natural ecosystem of the chain, allowing the continued existence of many representatives of the animal world.Environmental protection also requires a limitation of catching fish and hunting.Some species are protected and some entered the period when hunting and trapping is prohibited.This period of time that includes the time of pregnancy and parenting offspring.

should be noted that preservation and restoration of soil requires that the most important influence on the development of agriculture.It is interesting that there are some sub-species of earthworms, which are able to neutralize harmful compounds in contaminated soil.For example, worms Lumbricus rubellus subspecies absorb land contaminated with toxic waste, such as arsenic, copper, zinc, lead and return it in a form suitable for absorption by plants.Furthermore, these worms can not live in clean soil, so it can be used to determine the toxicity and contamination of soil.

Environment includes guidelines and requirements that simply must be performed during the construction of an object.It compliance with all these standards will successfully complete the construction, because otherwise it can not just be fined and even shut down the entire construction process.

carrying out any construction work shall take place within the limits of explicit rules, which stipulate all the details and requirements for the technical process.Environment includes all possible nuances from the observance of living conditions, which must comply with health and safety standards, finishing stipulated dimensions used in the construction of lifting and other equipment.All materials, equipment, structures should be required to have hygienic certificates and documents confirming their fire safety.GOST requirements must be observed in handling and storage of building materials.The final point that keeps on controlling the environment during the construction is the collection and disposal to a special place debris.

important to remember that in many respects it depends on us, the conditions in which our children will live.