Air pollution

process of air pollution has been going on is not the first millennium, but never before had he been so intense in recent decades.The only effect that once a person has provided to the atmosphere, causing air pollution , is the use of fire.Because of this wall zhilisha suffer and it becomes difficult to breathe in the room, but the warm that gave people flame, was much more important.Even when ancient people focused sufficiently large groups, it poses no threat to the atmosphere.It was not until the nineteenth century.And in the last hundred years a proliferation of such processes, which when a man could not even imagine.And what about the uncontrolled growth of cities-millionaires, who is no longer possible to stop. Air pollution - it is certainly the result of human activity.

There are three categories of pollution sources: industrial, household and transport.In different parts of the world the share of each type is very different.On the whole, it brings the greatest harm to the industry.

thermal power plants with the smoke emit carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, enterprises processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals in particular emit oxides of nitrogen, chlorine, ammonia, fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, phosphorus, mercury particles.Cement and chemical plants are also a source of pollution.Harmful gases from the burning of different fuels for industry, home heating, operation of transport, waste management - is also causes of air pollution .

Themselves pollution are primary and secondary.The first directly into the atmosphere, and the second formed by the splitting and conversion of primary pollutants.For example, the sulfur dioxide becomes sulfur trioxide, reacts with water vapor and forming drops of sulfuric acid.If the sulfur trioxide reacts with the ammonia released ammonium sulfate as crystals.

danger for the atmosphere are pyrogenic sources causing air pollution - chemical and metallurgical industries, power plants, boiler plants.As a result, their activities are the following pollutants:

- Carbon monoxide.It is formed when the compound is not completely combusted.In the air, he goes after the combustion of solid waste, with exhaust and industrial emissions.Carbon monoxide is actively reacts with many elements of the atmosphere and contributes to the gradual rise in temperature on the planet.

- Sulfur dioxide.This material is a result of fuel combustion, which includes sulfur, and recycling it in the form of ore.

- Sulphur dioxide - a result of the oxidation of the above substances.He rainwater soaks into the soil, acidifying it.

Air pollution causes cosmic dust that is released after the combustion of meteorites passing in the atmosphere.Every year the earth settles a huge amount of "garbage" out of space - up to five million tonnes.Dust from Earth - it's part of the atmosphere, its main sources are the steppes and deserts, volcanoes, fungi, decay and decomposition products of plants and animals.

air over the surface of the oceans contains fine particles of sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, which appear after drying, water spray.

It should be noted that the natural air pollution not face any negative consequences for the ecological community and living organisms, but the short-term negative impact is not excluded.

dust in the atmosphere provokes the early accumulation of condensate and, as a result, quickly formed rainfall.It also significantly reduces the penetration of solar radiation, protecting living organisms.