The unique physical and chemical properties of water

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«In the bath and sauna, always and everywhere - the eternal glory of the water!" - These verses Korney Chukovsky known since childhood.Water is present everywhere.Physical and chemical properties of water are unique, and it is not empty words.In addition to the impact on the lives of every living organism (we all are composed of water), the parameters of weather, climatic disasters, changes in the surface topography of the Earth are often associated with water.Glacier during the last ice age formed the contours of modern Europe.The currents of the oceans influence the temperature on all continents.

Everyone knows that water can be liquid - the water itself, a solid - ice, and gaseous state - pairs.In the very fact that there is nothing unusual.Specific physical and chemical properties of water, unlike the behavior of other chemical elements, have an impact on the majority of the processes occurring on Earth.

If we look at history, we can see an interesting pattern.Medieval alchemists tried to make gold out of different metals, and do properties of metals are always carefully studied, but the amazing properties of water have attracted attention recently.

Even 200 years ago, mankind has believed that water is made up of the same chemical element, and not a chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen.Humanity is already hard to build hydropower stations, locomotives, ships, water power was used in many industries and everyday life, and the structure of the water has been studied very little.Just 80 years ago, it was discovered isotopic water connection.

Let's look in more detail the physical and chemical properties of water.In addition to the simple molecules of H2O - hydrological, known to everyone in the water formed digidroli (H2O) 2 and trigidroli (H2O) 3.The difference between these compounds is that each of them contains not one but two or three water molecules.On the condition of the water it depends on the number of such compounds therein.

When the temperature of the water changes the velocity of each molecule, hence the change in the distance between the molecules and the percentage of the various units.The vapor consists essentially of hydrolyzed, it is caused by the high speed movement of the molecules in the vapor state, which makes it possible to form a more bulky structure.Ice on the contrary, mainly comprises trigidroli (60%), it can be said that it is practically hydrolyzed no.Water in the structure has each of the units, but it is dominated digidroli.

avilable water significantly affect its density in different states.The ice density less than the density of water.Therefore, the ice appears on the surface of water bodies in the world.Inhabitants of sea and river depths do not freeze, protect them from the cold thick layer of ice.

Water is the universal solvent.The dielectric constant describes the ability of any substance to dissolution in water and so this value is several times higher than that of a vacuum, not to mention air.Water in its purest form is not found in nature, in the oceans have already found more than 80 compounds of water with different elements of the periodic system.Therefore, water literally is the foundation of life on our planet.

Most often it is believed that the solubility - is a property of water, due to which we drink it.Solubility will help rid the body of waste and recycled material and at the same time enables you to deliver necessary to various organs.

But in this case somehow forget about the heat capacity.The fact that the lowest heat of water is necessary for the temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.And, at the lowest power consumption for the specific heat changes is minimal, namely, that temperature is the most basic of warm-blooded animals and humans.These physical and chemical properties of water have a significant impact on the lives of everyone.If not enough water in the body, the person begins to be lazy, he may feel dizzy, the processes occurring in the body slows down.Therefore, it is often enough to drink a glass of water to once again feel in shape.