Figure beach in winter: 7 most effective exercises

«What is the beach when the snow falls in the street!" - Shout and you're absolutely right.However, remember that a slim figure - it is painstaking work and start to struggle with excess Zhirkov is precisely during the cold season.In addition, not far off the New Year, which meet each of us must in the most luxurious and very sexy dress.Today we present a set of the seven most effective exercises his movements precisely affect all women's problem areas and quickly lead to great results.

You will need a mat and a pair of dumbbells weighing 1 - 3 kg.Do 25 repetitions of each exercise and immediately proceed to the next.The whole complex, take rest for 2 minutes and start again.All you need to do 3 laps.

Such training - it is called the circular - not only strengthen your muscles, but also burn excess fat.As a result, you do not just lose weight, but also gain an alluring shape.

the complex of three times a week with a break of at least one day.A month later, slightly increase the weight of dumbbells or add three repeat each exercise.


Start with four deep breaths.Then go to the march, gradually increasing the tempo.10-15 minutes of vigorous dance to the music, and then gently pull the major muscle groups.

If you have a home exercise bike or a mini-stepper, you can start a workout with them.

also very effective exercise in the fresh air.In this case, before the jump rope exercises or take a short jog.

Exercise first.Slender legs

Squats.Pick up a dumbbell with your feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel.Squat, placing the buttocks back and leaned forward slightly straight back, as if you want to sit on a stool standing behind.When climb, carry weight on your heels, but do not tear off the socks.

Exercise the second.We are struggling with breeches

ballet plie.Stand up straight with your feet wider than shoulders, toes expand by 45 degrees outward.Dumbbells are holding in their hands descended.Imagine a wall behind you.

you should fall down, spreading his knees apart, and in any case not to touch the wall.To do this, go all out, squeeze your buttocks and push your pelvis forward.When you go up, you move the weight to the heel and outer part of the foot.Do not lower the thigh below the horizontal.

Exercise third.Strong glutes

attacks.Stand in a lunge with the knee of the front leg is bent at an angle of not less than 90 degrees.The back leg is boned, based on the sock.Lower the knee of the back leg down without touching them the floor at the end point.The body is perfectly straight, not overwhelm forward.It is very important while lifting to keep the center of gravity on the heel of the front foot.

Exercise fourth.Graceful handles

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart.Take dumbbells, keep elbows tucked in and turn the palms forward.Bend your hands all the way up, keeping the elbows and unbend.After completing all the repetitions, stay at the top ten accounts and straighten your arms.

Exercise fifth.Working on the rear surface of the hand

same starting position.Raise your hands with dumbbells up over his head with the other hand fix the elbow to the outside.Bending the arm, lower the dumbbell behind your head down.In no case Do not move the elbow and does not bend at the waist.After completing all the repetitions, change hands.

Exercise six.A narrow waist

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart.Slightly bend your knees and push your pelvis forward.While maintaining this position, bend to the side, reaching straight right hand to the left up and over his head, and left - and right down his back.Pruzhinte towards and down 30 times in each direction.Every week is added five "spring", bringing their number up to a hundred.

Exercise seventh.Flat stomach

Lying on the floor, bend your legs and bring your knees to your chest.Palms at the back.Spread the elbows, chin pointing to the ceiling.Exhale blades tear off the floor, while the power of the press lifting your tailbone and buttocks upwards.With breath back on the floor.In no case, do not release your lower back off the floor.


Lying on the floor, a good stretch.Pull your right knee to your chest, then straighten your leg up and pull it toward you.The same - with the other leg.Then sit cross-legged, stretch his arms up, and then to the sides and back.

Put bent right elbow on the side of yourself and stretch your left hand to the right, keeping the buttocks on the floor.Repeat to the other side.

Carefully stand up, take a few deep breaths.

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