The ability to abstract - is the ability to think abstractly happy

main difference between man as a thinking being from the representatives of the rest of the living world on our planet, is the ability to think in abstract categories.

What is abstract thinking?

mental activity of any animal is limited to the specific concepts and goals is to try to obtain the necessary amount of food and give birth.People for the most part are more complicated.

famous story about the famous fashion designer who began his lecture with a proposal to introduce the human body has the shape of a ball.Part of the shock the audience left the hall, and it is in vain.The rest of the material was very interesting and showed an example of the need for the ability to abstract.This applies not only tailoring suits and dresses, and almost any kind of human activity.

In the process, there are problems that are sometimes so numerous that the task seems impossible.The difficulties are multiplied, they begin to grow cross-linked, and already it is unclear where to begin.In this situation, the most effective method of sequential resolution of many problems is the analysis, ie, the dismemberment of the larger task into a series of simpler ones.

identify the main

This algorithm, however, does not end there.Each of the components of the overall challenge needs to be addressed, which is to be sought in the abstract.Temporarily to ignore all the circumstances, unrelated to the issue narrowly delineated, or abstract.This ability allows the human mind to make scientific discoveries, create immortal works of art and solve the most complex technical problems.

distinguish the wheat from the chaff, significant from the insignificant, the main unnecessary and should be able to scientist and engineer, and poet.And what is true in everyday life of ordinary people?The ability to abstract, that is just a minor distraction from the very important for every person.According to the poet, our planet is poorly equipped for pleasure.All the time some circumstances interfere with the work, then rest.To achieve the ideal conditions and in order for the other is extremely difficult, if not impossible.Only one thing - to ignore.This means that in the event of adverse circumstances prevent to live, and they can not be removed, they should be ignored.

This, of course, the effect of interference should be minimized in all possible ways.For example, to get rid of the noise, not enough to simply ignore it (it can not do everything).But you can plug your ears with cotton.

cure for fear

ability to abstract - is not only a means of solving many difficult problems, but also the correct way to deal with fear.For example, if a person is afraid of heights, but often forced to fly airplanes, he should move away from unpleasant emotions.It's enough to understand that during the flight the passenger does not depend on its safety.For the pilot it is responsible, and therefore it belongs to worry.There are teeth on edge statistical argument that to drive a car much riskier.

In addition, people often have to overcome fears of a far more powerful than those that occur in certain passenger airliners.The famous soldier rule is that it is not necessary to be afraid of death.As long as the person is alive, it is not, but as soon as she comes, there will be nobody to fear.This is a prime example of the ability to not step back from danger, of course, but from the panic terror, disturbing the normal thinking.

in schools, colleges and universities can obtain a lot of useful knowledge.To learn where and how to learn to ignore, there is no comprehensive information.There are people who have such talent by nature, but the majority understands this wisdom alone with gaining experience.