Examples trade conflicts and resolve them.

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Social science teaches that all social relationships include conflict.So the world: that the Russian well, the German death.On the basis of a mismatch of expectations, goals and interests of the differences and conflicts arise.How to get out of such situations with minimal losses?Always a conflict is bad?Try to understand by studying examples of professional conflict: the social studies there is an entire industry on this topic.

How to start a conflict and is characterized by what?

Science defines conflict as a difference of motives, objectives, expectations.This contradiction can be shown not only outside but also within the individual.The conflict always presupposes the existence of two or more of the differing points of view.

Emotionally, the conflict is characterized by stress, tension, discomfort, even at the level of the 5 senses.The protracted conflict becomes chronic, can cause psychosomatic diseases on a personal level or a negative group processes in society, such as the collapse of the team, lost productivity, strike.

There are also a social conflict: frequent examples of professional conflicts in society.These are the infamous class conflicts (in Europe) or caste (India).

It is not currently any professional conflicts: examples from history bear this out.For example, XIX century was rich in discoveries, while one of the inventors recognized immediately?The conflict with public opinion in all the pioneers there.What

sciences study conflicts

conflicts of interest are exploring a variety of social sciences and humanities, depending on the level and causes of the conflict.These industries include:

  • sociology;
  • Conflict;
  • civics;
  • Social Studies;
  • psychology;
  • management;
  • political science, and others.

Many sciences study the conflict from various sides, and for what?

it necessary to study the conflict?

"who warned - that is armed," - says the proverb.That is why knowledge of the conflict as a phenomenon can be very helpful, not only managers, but also to any person.

Intrapersonal conflict ever experienced one;Some may recall the examples of professional conflicts, such as supervisors have often had to argue with the ticketless "rabbits" and fininspektoru - with defaulters.

Knowing how to avoid or mitigate the differences, how to get out of the dispute, you can save a lot of effort, time and other resources.A science meanwhile been systematized conflicts according to various criteria.

Types of conflicts and their classification

According to the most common grounds of conflict can be divided into internal and external: the first associated with the society, the environment, the latter takes place on the domestic scene the individual.

Under social conflicts stand workers differences among them can be defined several types of contradictions:

  • labor conflicts.They are related to the employment relationship in all its forms and settled mainly in the law.
  • organizational conflicts.Expressed in inappropriate behavior or attitudes of individual employees or groups of accepted customs in the workplace and corporate standards.
  • Interpersonal conflicts.Regardless of the external forms of expression, such differences in the basis have personal motives.
  • professional conflicts.They advocate an integral part of the core business and how to be incorporated into the essence of a particular profession.

Increasingly professional conflicts occur: examples from history can tell us about the famous attorney Koni, whose work consisted entirely of conflicts.

How do the labor and professional conflicts?

should not be confused conflicts of labor and professional: they have in common is that they occur in the business field.The labor conflict presupposes the existence of an employment contract, for which there were contradictions, such as the chief decided to change the mode of operation, and the specialist does not want to move to a new schedule.Another option, when the collective agreement the employee is entitled to material assistance, but the employer refuses to pay this.In such cases, the employee may apply to the labor dispute committee or court, as the heart of the dispute is a violation of the established norms.

professional conflicts are not linked to a specific employer or place of work, and are through to colleagues of the same profession.An example is the work of the teacher, which is full of disagreements with students, their parents, it is checked by the administration.Situations may be different: the disputed results of the control, tests, accuracy of documents, the admissibility requirements.If the teacher to change jobs, it is unlikely that such a method would exclude from their activities conflict situations, because they are inherent in the profession.

conflicts in professional activities

Usually profkonflikty is not the result of malicious acts, and are a natural part of the core business.Such conflicts arise as soon as the person begins to engage in its special operations.

There are well-known conflict-of profession, such as a lawyer, the supervisor or the tax inspector.It is difficult to imagine a lawyer who agrees with all or supervisor, cute smiling by passing stowaways.Fininspektorov very few people loves, however they are required to work and provide the required performance, as is the case in the domestic system.

Professional conflict situation requires a special stress and specific personality warehouse.Can the sensitive and emotional person to choose the profession of law enforcement officers, for example?Probably, it is always possible to choose and whether in this sense - that is the question.

assumed that already at the stage of choosing a profession applicants understand the nature of its future activities.In fact, it turns out is not so, and the existence of conflicts in the work of selected youth realize many years later, in practice.

types of behavior in a conflict situation

social science science studies in several types of behavioral strategies in conflict situations:

  • rivalry.Now one of the most popular ways unjustly erected to the rank of socially approved.The attempt to introduce a similar system in the school curriculum does not hold water, because in essence, this model is based on a power meet their own interests to the detriment of others.
  • device, beautifully vualiruemoe the term "adaptation".One of the most common behaviors in large corporations, in a total of imposing standards of corporate culture, regardless of the setting of a single employee.It is expressed in a disharmonious sacrifice their interests for the sake of another.
  • compromise.It acts on the principle of "you or me."This strategy cuts the interests of all parties and does not provide complete satisfaction of any of them.
  • Avoidance - a model for the lazy and cautious.In this type of behavior goes away as the subject of the interaction with others, and the desire for personal goals - a sort of pseudoscientific "apathy".
  • Cooperation.It seems that the only constructive way.This is a third option that satisfies the interests of all parties involved.Such access makes it a source of conflict.

Species profkonfliktov

in this category can be identified subgroups of the contradictions that arise on different criteria:

  • by field of activity: legal, services, medicine, public administration and other sectors;
  • focus on load: physical (fatigue, long day) and moral (difficult decisions, responsibility for others, strangers forced violation of limits and others);
  • occurrence in nature: natural (when a doctor is forced to hurt the patient, making medical shot) and artificial (related to the costs of the state system when the state inspector, unwittingly, have to deal with unnecessary bureaucratic collection of documents).

Further analysis will highlight the professional and other types of conflicts, but the criteria they will be different.Examples

professional conflicts

lot of them in the service sector, for example, during the repair of household appliances in the company, making clothes in a barbershop.At first glance, the work of grace and money, nothing warm place?Not a bit of it: work with people always implies a potential conflict arising due to the customer dissatisfaction with the services provided.

State Service not cloudless, as the special status of civil servants imposes on it considerable responsibility.Besides, not everyone is ready to fulfill the requirements of a public institution, and in such a situation profile representative of the State has to take measures that may conflict with the interests of participants in the system.

For example, it is difficult to imagine a taxpayer who voluntarily and gladly gives state taxes.However, the tax authorities are taking steps to obtain such payments, sometimes even mandatory.

particularly vivid example of the conflict becomes a professional military, or law enforcement: it simultaneously infused moral and physical, natural and man-made conflicts.That there is only one case of the use of weapons, not to mention the hostilities or arrest the suspect.

Equally contentious profession of judge, because one of the parties will always be unhappy with the decision, considering it illegal.Examples of professional conflicts in Russia shows good statesman profession: the criticism against them is inevitable.

household and professional conflicts: what are the differences?

from the very name implies that these differences occur in different areas of social life and for dissimilar reasons.How are domestic conflicts from the professional?Household

associated with situations of living together, breaking the rules hostel, good neighborliness and in the workplace - non-compliance in the collective behavior, trouble-making staff.

If professional conflicts are inherently cost specific activity, the domestic conflict usually encourage or incite intentionally.

domestic conflicts can be avoided with the good will of the parties and the propensity to compromise, while it is impossible to exclude professional.

Vocational guidance - one way to get an idea of ​​the possible conflict situations

similar items known to all even at school, and he still has not lost its relevance.Vocational guidance is not only in determining the propensity of a person to a particular activity, but also to familiarize him with the profile of the chosen profession, its contents and filling, as well as the risks and benefits.

Vocational guidance in using psychological tools help determine whether a particular activity being tested, because for each job profile there is a preferred psycho personality.

Even if identified leading activities, within it can be a lot of conflicts with different professions that afford only a certain temperament of the individual.You can ask the client: "Give an example of a professional conflict in their chosen profession," and once it becomes clear to what extent the person imagines these activities.

psychological portrait professional

determine the appropriate psycho person chosen profession, it is desirable to start with a list of professional activities in a particular conflict.For example, the conflict with the consumer (for Barber), the counterparty (for a lawyer), with the authorities (for a lawyer), public institutions (for religious figure), with pupils (for the teacher).

Based on these data, it is necessary to find out what traits are desirable for such activities, and which was also not acceptable.For example, a lawyer is important perseverance, for the teacher - an excerpt, for Barber - compliance.

in any profession is good high stress, because such a person is able to quickly switch from one mode to another, and not to take a negative on your account.

How to reduce the voltage level of the professional conflicts

where every professional if you want to find your own recipe.Of course, there are well-known:

  • experience - the son of errors difficult.Over time, it works enough psychological defense against stress factors, thereby reducing the load level.
  • Installation on the conflict as an inevitable part of his beloved profession.
  • Detachment - a state of consciousness in which the professional situation as if seen from the side and are not related to the expert.Simply put, not so offensive that does not apply in person.

Obviously, conflict is not so bad, if you develop the right attitude to it.It makes little sense sinonimizirovat conflict with the negative, because the voltage potential on the laws of physics may well be used for the benefit of themselves and the society.