What stones fit Aquarius?

Aquarius - one of the most peaceful signs of the zodiac.For him, there is no greater happiness than doing things you love.Aquarians are distinguished by their discernment, the ability to understand what is happening around.Nevertheless, the inherent distraction often prevents them to achieve significant progress.

Aquarius is a fairly stable winter sign.The rapid development and rapid movement is not for him.Dark Uranus, ruling this sign leads to the fact that Aquarius can not be afraid of even the most cold and treacherous rocks.Gems, which could seriously harm the members of this sign, there is simply no.

What Aquarius stones fit most?Among them we should highlight the minerals calm, shimmering and light, capable energize their energy.Active fire gems are best avoided.

What stones fit Aquarius?Amethyst - a pledge of peace and success in business

This mineral purple color (hue can range from pale pink to deep purple).He is a symbol of peace, goodwill and sincerity.Amethyst comes in between anxiety and excitement.Mineral in silver has beneficial effects on the establishment of friendly contacts, conduct business meetings and promotion of the career ladder.

What stones fit Aquarius?Sapphire - a great healer and effective talisman

this gem - a symbol of fortitude and noble aspirations.It is the perfect mascot for those Aquarians who overcomes thirst for knowledge and the desire to achieve spiritual harmony.Sapphire way to get rid of insomnia, which is important for the representatives described the mark.But this is not the only gem medicinal properties.According to the observations of our ancestors, the sapphire is able to help in case of problems with the heart and blood vessels, diseases of the spine and the skin, alleviate the condition of patients with diabetes and rheumatism.If Aquarius select it as a talisman, he will get a true helper in the fight against envy and treachery.This mineral is also able to bring inspiration and strengthen memory.

topaz stone for Aquarius - an indispensable tool in good endeavors

This mineral contribute to inner enlightenment.If Aquarius lacks prudence, Topaz can be very useful.It noticed that the gem is able to persuade its owner to a bright feelings and good deeds.It will also help those Aquarians who can not find the strength to go his own way and did not pay attention to the conflicting opinions of others.Topaz will gain optimism and confidence in the future.It can be called good and beautiful stone talisman.

Choosing the best stone for the zodiac sign, Aquarius will not be mistaken, if you stop at the agate.This mineral is able to protect against the risk and reflect the insidious enemies thought.Energy vampires would also be powerless in the agate.Their attacks will not be afraid of sensitive and vulnerable Aquarius.Agate is a symbol of prosperity, longevity and good health.It is also considered a stone of friendship, to restore peace after a quarrel.

Now you know what the stones fit Aquarius, and will be able to make the right choice.Good luck!