Compatibility Aquarius and Aquarius in marriage: is there a chance of idyll?

Union Aquarius Aquarius male and female is not in vain considered to be one of the most successful in the horoscope.Literally from the first minutes of dialogue, with the first meeting between them forge strong thread of understanding.These people are able to fully feel the thoughts, moods, desires to each other even without words.This is due to the fact that by nature they are extremely similar to each other.

High Compatibility Aquarius and Aquarius in marriage due to the fact that all of the advantages and disadvantages are common.This is the miracle of the strongest attraction.However, it is fair to say that in parallel there is a risk of mutual repulsion.

Each Aquarius by nature - a maverick who jealously guards the independence of his heart and soul.Compatibility Aquarius and Aquarius in marriage, as well as all their relationships in general, are a unique phenomenon.They are very far from the standard view of a romantic connection.These relationships are built on respect and friendship.Another characteristic feature of them - courtesy partners to each other.Without much effort, they are able to make mutual concessions.

But despite all this, both the man and woman in marriage Aquarius are dynamic and active, continue to search for their own personal and original way.Twice stronger and reliability of their relationship becomes when Aquarius is the aim of both the total, they have the same interests and dreams, they are doing the same.The commonality brings together two very ideals of Aquarius.

Usually Aquarius married man seeks to see in his wife not simply homemaker, mistress and mother of his children, and his best friend, a loyal assistant and adviser.

in the house of two Aquarians always a lot of guests, common friends, friends, acquaintances.These two conquer each other so that their lives are literally united and become one with the total.

Talking about the compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius in marriage, it is important to note that the image of the ideal of their parents, the two will be far enough.Why is that?This is due to the fact that despite the similarity of attitude and life principles, they have radically different ideas about how it is necessary to build relationships in the family and raise children.On this basis, there will be a majority of conflicts in the ideal, at first glance, a couple.

Both men and women Aquarius - people always try to keep a share of their freedom, but, moreover, is not jealous and realizes that his own life is to be a partner.Therefore, to limit and constrain each other, they will not, under any circumstances.

This couple will constantly pursue financial problems, because both he and she - big spenders.It is important that at the very beginning of life together, both changed their attitude to money.Otherwise, the "dark days" are not so rare in their family life.

Compatibility Aquarius and Aquarius in marriage is high enough.However, only if both want it.Only then will they be able, hand in hand, to overcome any obstacles and hardships of life, take everything with humor and surprises to give each other a great inspiration and a lot of positive emotions.