Winter tan 10 "golden" rules for the use of tanning

Winter - the time is not sunny, but that's no reason to go "pale-faced."For a nice bronzing someone visits a solarium, being exposed to ultraviolet light, and someone chooses a simple way to give the skin a kind of "I just got off the sea" - tanning.However, they need to know how to use it.

1. Select the appropriate shade.That tone that goes to one woman may look absolutely ridiculous on the other.If you are a novice in applying bronzer, it is better to choose means, which appear gradually with use.You apply them as a cream, and eventually skin acquires a bronze tint.If you have already had to deal with self-tanning, choose one that dries quickly to prevent stains.

2. Price - not an indicator of quality.The most expensive means not necessarily the best.Choose an average price of cosmetics.

3. Do not apply tanning bare hands.So do just beginners.Nothing looks so eloquently as the bright orange palms, through which you apply self-tanning.Use gloves or a special sponge.

4. careful with hands.In the hands of the line is often seen a transition from raw to tanned skin.Therefore, after treated with whole body, apply a little bronzer brush on the back of the hands, rub them together, properly treat the wrist to the inside and outside.

5. Do not neglect scrubs!"Spotted" tan is often formed because of the layers of dead skin.So the day before, how to use self-tanning, clean the skin from dead cells by scrub.But to do it right before the application means it is not necessary!

6. Do not neglect and epilation.It is useless to do something to not lay down tanning spots, if the legs have hair.Therefore, 24 hours prior to use of the funds necessary to make epilation.If you carry out this procedure later tanning gather in the hair follicles and will be noticeable points on the feet.

7. Good lighting is a must!Many opt for the bathroom as a place for the application of self-tanning.But there lighting is poor.So, try to opt for this procedure room with good lighting and a large mirror in all growth, in time to be able to correct the "leopard spots".

8. Up and up only!To tan went smoothly, start applying it on foot and climb up.

9. Moisturizer as a preparatory stage.Dry skin better absorb the color, therefore please prepare the skin and make sure it is sufficiently hydrated at all sites.

10. Make a natural tan.Common bronze color may be too strong for the winter.Therefore, instead of having to leave the color of the night, wash after 5 hours.

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