When harvested pumpkins in the fall?

hard to believe that this huge fruit belongs to the family of berry.Wow berry weight from 2 to 70 kg!Pumpkin - healthy food, containing a variety of vitamins and trace elements, but it is especially appreciated for its high content of beta-carotene and fiber.It is known for its diuretic and choleretic properties.Very useful at this berry diseases of the cardiovascular system and liver.A gastronomic qualities - a topic for another conversation.To learn how to grow and when to clean the pumpkin, in what form are eaten, says the article.

What I like pumpkin

believed that this berry is not choosy, can grow wherever sunesh seed into the soil.Although their claims it has.Pumpkin prefers soft, light soils and well-lit place.This is not surprising, because the culture is originally from South America, tropical latitudes.Especially well it feels in the manured beds, to be more precise, on-site storage of manure and compost.In short, organic fertilizers contribute to the rapid growth and maturation of the fruit.Powerful stalks pumpkins can not tolerate pruning and take up much space, and it should be remembered.Stems climbing even in trees, and often see the mighty fruits hanging from the high branches.Of course, this is an additional problem in that when the pumpkin clean, but how beautiful and original!

terms of maturation and harvesting

This culture is good because it is growing in virtually all climates, of course, apart from the cold North.What is important is to choose the right variety.There are three main varieties of pumpkins: food, feed and decorative.Of course, high taste qualities are famous only food grade.

for the northern and middle latitudes planting dates later, and to have time to harvest, must resort to planting seeds for the film.This helps to significantly speed up the cultivation and meet the optimum time when clean pumpkin.In the southern regions the situation is simpler: Pumpkin seeds are planted in the middle - the end of April in the open ground.Seeds germinate fairly quickly after the beginning of flowering in a short period formed a small green fruit.At the time of maturity they gain their final weight and color - from pale green to bright orange.The time when the pumpkin clean, quite extended.Some varieties can be harvested in mid-autumn ripened and stored in a dry place until full maturity.But mostly the fruits harvested the latest in the garden.They can not touch until the first frost.When the pumpkin is removed, be sure to leave the stalk - so the fruit is stored longer.You can not put off by the long-term storage, bruising or frostbitten pumpkin.

the most pleasant

Of course, it is about how to cook pumpkin.Nothing could be easier.The fruit should be washed, chopped kitchen cleaver into slices, remove seeds (that need to be drier and eaten raw or fried - very useful and tasty!).Fold in the pan and pour hot water so that the product was not completely covered with water, otherwise the pumpkin will turn watery and tasteless.Someone adds water to boil sugar, anyone cooked slices sprinkled with sugar, but it is best not to sweeten, pumpkin itself is quite sweet.If the pieces are easily pierced with a fork - so cooking is finished.It is necessary to immediately get a pumpkin, spread on a large platter or tray and allow to dry.There is a delicacy best with cold milk.

And generally not necessary to cook the pumpkin.Even tastier and healthier she baked form - simply place on a baking chopped pieces and put in the oven.Bake it and completely, cut off the top, remove the seeds and filled with stuffing - for example, a mixture of nuts, dried apricots, prunes, honey, or just porridge.And the pumpkin porridge is good in itself, it is tasty and healthy for both adults and small children.Such is the wonder berry!