What to feed chicks during the first days of life: recommendations

Not all new poultry farmers are aware of what to feed chicks during the first days of life.So regardless of whether you were kids broilers or egg chickens, from the first moments of life in their diet must be hard-boiled eggs, cracked wheat, corn grits, millet, oatmeal and even cottage cheese.It is worth considering that the grains in the total number of food should occupy about 60%.This is exactly the food which is suitable for the first and second day of life.

remember what to feed newly hatched chicks, and giving them food from the first hours, you can start the mechanism of the final formation of all internal organs.Do not forget that kids need to drink.To lure the crumbs to the drinkers, you can throw it 1-2 tea leaves - it will attract chicks.Chicks will want them to peck that will help them learn to drink.

But it is important not only to figure out what to feed chicks during the first days of life, but to know what to do with them afterwards.So, on the third day the stomach crumbs is ripe for fresh herbs.For them you can pick plantain, dandelion, chamomile, clover, fennel, nettle.But from the fifth day of life the chicks are ready for eating green onions and garlic, which are excellent prevention of various diseases of the digestive tract of birds.But do not forget that they can cause thirst, so they should be given in the morning.

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In addition, the diet is already possible to include a variety of vegetables, fruits and berries, the main thing - they grind.If you do not know what to feed chicks during the first days of life, remember that in addition to the grain they can give carrots, cabbage, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, currants, strawberries, gooseberries.The main thing is that the plants were not damaged by rot.On 10 days in the main feed, you can add boiled potatoes and more than 2 times a week - boiled fish.

If you do not understand what to feed chicks during the first days of life, do not rush to buy feed.Its members include manufacturers often rye, which can have toxic effects on organisms are fragile crumbs lead to nervous disorders and even death of the young birds.It cereals quite quickly swells in the stomach and helps top fermentation.And this is the cause of digestive disorders.Up to two months of age is better to do without these cereals.

Experts love to give recommendations concerning not only diet, they can also tell you how many times to feed the chickens.Thus, the established rule is a graph in which the food is given to babies every 2 hours.But many farmers do not block access to food throughout the day.Just keep in mind, dry food can be used continuously, it is not spoiled, but with different mixtures of cooked vegetables, fish is better not to leave more than 1 hour.They can turn sour and lead to digestive problems.

way, with seven days of age would be nice if you set a special feeder, which is coarse sand, shells, ground or fine gravel (diameter fractions should not exceed 2 mm).Such supplements contribute to a better chafing feed digestion, saturate the body with calcium chickens.