Transplanting Strawberry: take care of the future harvest

strawberry growing cycle does not end with the collection of berries, a favorite of garden dweller must be properly taken care of, so that in the next year to get a good harvest.Mandatory procedures that must be done prior to the frost is strawberry transplants.

During an active fruiting bushes formed on his mustache, which are removed or root for the beds next door to the main form at the end of the socket.These shoots and transplanted to form new, young beds.For the formation of the new beds can only use young plants, old bushes are barren.

strawberry transplant to a new location requires compliance with certain weather conditions.It is desirable to produce a laying of new beds in a cloudy day or in the evening, but before frosts.The most auspicious days for transplant strawberries - the last week of summer, when in August turned out to be not hot and moderately warm September.Very well, if before planting strawberry rain was as rooted in moist soil plants take root better.

transplant strawberries can be carried out in the spring, but in this case the young berries on the bushes will not until next year.

First you need to prepare the seedbed - loosen the earth and make it humus, as well as complex fertilizers.Before landing do wells fill with water.

strawberries planted in the resulting slush, straighten the roots of the width of the hole, the top covered with earth.Size holes depends on the size of the root, the depth of the landing must be such that the upper kidney - bud growth, as it is called, has been buried underground.

for soil compaction again pour bush, covered with earth again.If you do it right, then the slight twitch escape will not move, but will remain in place.Earth around the need to mulch sawdust or straw, and provide regular watering bushes.

alternative - strawberries on agrovoloknom transplantation, the use of which provides the young plants extra care beds.

Agrotextile - a special material that lets air and moisture when watering, but prevents the evaporation of the liquid from the soil.Using a special material will protect the plants from weeds and root system - from pests.

Transplant garden strawberry on agrovoloknom performed as follows: the soil is prepared with wet hole hiding agronomic cloth to secure the edges of the beds.In places where the visible indentations made incisions.The resulting holes using a shovel planted bushes.Aisle top mulching with straw or sawdust, to not further damage the agrovoloknom harvesting and irrigation.

Using ground cover material greatly facilitates continued care of strawberries in winter agrotextile a reliable insulation during fruiting facilitates the collection of berries, which do not damage the ground and look attractive.