Self-hypnosis to fulfill their desires.

Hypnosis - is controlled by the ability of a person immersed in a hypnotic state.This is a form of self-hypnosis therapy.It occurs with the participation of a single person, without the help of a hypnotist.
a result of long training, you can learn to manage their own dreams.If you want to understand the self-hypnosis, the book is sure to help you with this.The basis of hypnosis are principles such as: relaxation, ability to control his desires, feelings, and even pain.Thanks to this man comes to union with the soul, and learn to control the emotions and the mind.Self-hypnosis to fulfill their desires is used very often.He does not bring harm to human health, but on the contrary a positive effect on mental state.The use of self-hypnosis

for the treatment of various diseases and as a strengthening of their health are increasingly using self-hypnosis.Almost 100 per cent of cases it helps to cope with insomnia, which hurts people for years.Technology of wish fulfillment is available to anyone interested.If you want to get rid of complexes, fear, lead to normal weight, improve intimate relationships, then no razdumyvaniya resort to self-hypnosis.It also helps:

  • solve health problems;
  • to cope with stressful situations;
  • normalize sleep;
  • learn how to relax, to not feel tired;
  • get rid of fears;
  • eliminate addiction to drugs and alcohol;
  • quit smoking;
  • normalize weight;
  • become confident in their abilities;
  • establish family relationships;
  • acquire the meaning of life;
  • much easier to endure the difficulties of life;
  • improve memory and intuition;
  • acquire creative skills.

Interesting facts about hypnosis hypnosis

Lessons available from professionals and learn independently.Surprisingly, but hypnotists do not possess supernatural powers.They just needed to use this knowledge and skills that help people to relax and immerse themselves in a state of trance.A man who is easy to impress something, you can quickly convince of something, for example, say that he is a great artist.Hypnosis and self-hypnosis is better known in the West.Many stars have resorted to this miracle technique.Drew Barrymore has recovered from drug addiction and alcoholism Fergie.The result is visible there.

known experience hypnosis

The hall is going to a lot of people.On stage, someone wet piece of cotton with plain water, and said that the room is now spread an unpleasant odor.Who will feel the smell should raise their hand.A few minutes later at the forefront of people are beginning to raise their hands.More and more people feel the unpleasant smell.And the whole room with his hands up.But in fact, cotton has no smell and in this everyone can make.Lessons from hypnosis will be beneficial for those who suffer allergic reactions, as in a trance allergy pass.Hypnosis was coined in the 19th century an English surgeon, who used it as a method of pain relief.Without knowing it, every day we fall into a trance state, it does not last very long, so we do not notice it.Mind so protects itself against stress.By the way, the technology of wish fulfillment in Austria taught as a course for employees of banks and jewelry stores.If they suddenly attacked by a burglar, they will be able to hypnotize him.

funny story

on the famous British hypnotist sued people for what for 120 minutes, while under hypnosis, he got up to anything - he conducted a huge orchestra, danced ballet, happy as if he had won a million dollarslottery.After that, the normal life he began to behave strangely.4 psychiatrist gave him one and the same diagnosis - acute schizophrenic syndrome.However, the court decided that the hypnotist is to blame.

You will not believe!

Hypnosis to fulfill their desires can reduce or increase the body temperature, blood vessels expand, relieve fatigue and pain, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.

main stages of self-hypnosis

  • First it is necessary to choose the right place.This is best done in a chair that does not sleep.A person must be directed forward, but you need to look at the ceiling.
  • must learn to relax the muscles of the body.You should begin with the eyes, imagine that your eyes are tired and closed.Then you can move on to other muscles.This is one of the most important stages.
  • When you are completely relaxed, is reached first stage of trance.Now you can make myself anything.
  • should delve further into this state.Trans - it is a mental state in which the mind is completely changing.And the deeper you go into a trance, the more likely that your wishes will come true.
  • next stage - implementation of the therapeutic program.Here you can submit a premeditated scenario.It is necessary to expand the storyline from the original to the desired.
  • Once you realize the full therapeutic program should get out of hypnosis.At the head of utter such phrases as: the next time I want to do self-hypnosis again, I quickly attain the state of rest and relaxation, and trance us fall even deeper than it is now.And now starting to wake up.Breathing quickens, the eyelids begin to tremble, my body wakes up.His head rested in her new bright ideas.All I open my eyes.

out of hypnosis is not all turns quickly.You can overcome drowsiness.No hurry.Gradually return to normal body sensations and thoughts.Out of this state should be as long as necessary to you.Even if you fall asleep, no cause for concern.Often hypnosis returns to normal sleep, after which you wake up rested.

recommendations to enter into a trance

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to follow some tips.

  • Environmental conditions the place where you are going to go into a trance should be as comfortable (normal temperature, lack of excessive humidity and so on. D.) And must not expose you to danger.
  • nothing to distract you from sinking into a trance, should meet all the physiological needs directly to self-hypnosis.
  • If you are tired, do not start self-hypnosis to fulfill their desires.This will not lead to anything good.
  • Try to relax every part of the body, starting from the top and going down to the toes.
  • not think about too much, but to concentrate on the important issue.

Common methods of immersion in a trance

  1. you inhale a little lifts, exhale on the contrary lowered.With each breath, sinking deeper into self-consciousness.
  2. Put your hand palm up and completely relax it.Then start slowly to compress it into a fist, it should take you not less than 3 minutes.All attention should be focused on this hand, you have to feel all that was happening to her.
  3. Imagine in front of a long ladder that you have to go down.Start slowly descend through it, first after one leg, then the other.You have to feel the downward movement.Imagine that before you brick wall that moves with you.With each step you All the solid immersed in self-hypnosis to fulfill their desires.
  4. Imagine that you are a bird, which is slowly coming down from a great height.Imagine around you white cumulus clouds and you slowly fall through.Warm sun caressing you, from this you get more immersed in a hypnotic state.

How to create a formula for hypnosis

  • Talk about what you want.Do not think about why you want to get rid of.
  • Avoid negative particle "not" and "No", your mind will not accept them.
  • Formula should not be long, so as not to lose its meaning.
  • formula should not bring you harm.
  • request shall be given without further ado.

Here are some examples:

  • I quickly cope with a difficult situation.
  • Every time I start to believe more in themselves.
  • All alcohol I hate and dislike the smell is.
  • I sleep well, and I only dream pleasant dreams.

Guide to self-hypnosis for dermatological diseases councils represent the affected area of ​​the skin, on which are superimposed healing dressings.Imagine itching or pain go away, and you become a pleasure.

Smoking and Hypnosis

Hypnosis really helps to quit smoking as American scientists have found.The truth will have to stick to a diet and doing physical exercises.Most of the time it turns out women faster than men.In our country, with the help of hypnosis is now learned to treat nervous disorders, obesity, alcoholism, phobias, addiction.

Photo hypnosis

In the world there are mysterious and fascinating photographs.They attract the attention of people movement.Maybe it's an optical illusion?But in any case, animated images with moving figures do not leave anyone indifferent.To attract people to blogs, websites, forums often used hypnosis picture.

Self-hypnosis can be carried out regularly.It is not necessary to be afraid, it will not harm your health, and can even help to solve the problem the other way around.As it is necessary to believe and to make every effort to execute the plan.Self-hypnosis is very diverse reviews.Someone decides so, their problems, while others do not even hear about it.Some achieve the desired result is obtained, and the other a favor.

Everyone wants to wash its positive and wishes come true.As a child, we are introduced to magic wands, genie, goldfish.People also come up with different ways to achieve the most intimate.But, unfortunately, few are making any effort.Our thoughts are material, and this is no doubt.Once upon a time, scientists have proven that every thought is transformed into the real world.So your fantasy can become a reality, one has only to try.