Dream Interpretation: what dreamed Bears

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Each of us probably at least once in his life seen a live bear: at the zoo or the circus.And looking at these funny furry animal, performing various stunts, ridiculous pace on his hind legs and beg for candy or other treats for the visitors of the zoo, as a rule, no one remembers that in fact bear is very dangerous, cunning, brave, quickand ruthless predator.What if this beast in one form or another, we had a night?We encouraged to seek the interpretation of this vision several famous dream books.

Dreams Gustav Miller: what dreamed bears

This source considers the bear as a symbol of an insurmountable rivalry in various fields.For the young the fairer sex like vision serves as a warning about the possible emergence of a rival in her life, which will become a threat to relations with the beloved or husband.Killing a bear predicts a speedy resolution of the problem situation in real life.

What dreamed bears : Freud's dream book

If you dream you are hunting this predator, the reality may persevere location do not pay attention to you man.In their attempts to get closer you often show excessive persistence, which may scare away all your passion, so try a little to temper his zeal, and then, perhaps, you can count on reciprocity.Injured or killed the bear symbolizes you experienced difficulty in communicating with the opposite sex.If you realize that you do not overcome them, it may be wise to consult a professional psychologist?

Dreams Miss Hasse: what dreamed bears

According to the information from the source, bears promises you receive some unexpected profit or lottery winnings.To get into the clutches of the predator - losses and financial difficulties.Why dream of a good bear, standing on its hind legs?This vision predicts success in money matters.A dream in which you ate bear meat, promises a quick wedding in your family.Bear Hunt serves as a warning of the need to be afraid of something in real life.

Small Veles dream interpretation: the bear had a

In most cases, the dream book treats the image of the bear as a harbinger of happiness, success, fun and different wedding.And this is what dreams black bear?Perhaps this is a warning of a serious disease that can comprehend both the dreamer and the people close to him.

Dream book from A to Z: what dreamed bears

According to the compilers of this collection bear predicts that in the near future, you made friends with a man who in the future will give you a lot of trouble and problems.Bear, who plays in the circus ring, promises the dreamer winning the lottery.Predator, locked in a cage, foretells losses and damages due to failure to enter into a financial transaction.They dreamed of a white bear in the zoo?It seems that soon you woo the rich bride that you disliked.