The act of reception and transmission apartment: design features

act of reception and transmission apartment is a document that certifies the fact of the transfer of property under a contract for the sale of real estate between individuals.The fact of the transmission facilities under the responsibility of another person also confirmed by drafting similar documents.Before signing on the transfer of property the responsibility for the safety of the apartment is on the previous owners or the construction company.The content of acts, depending on the characteristics of housing and the situation may be different.

If successfully carried out the transaction, when recorded under the purchase contract - the sale and is in the hands of a new certificate of ownership is to pass only the final stage - to sign a deed of the apartment.Usually set in the contract terms of physical and legal release of the room (if the seller before the transaction is not discharged).

For certain contract time the man who sold the apartment is obliged to withdraw from the registration and release of their living space property.Thereafter, both sides of the transaction are to meet at the apartment, where the seller provides the receipt of payment of the rent, electricity, telephone and other payments to the date of departure.

In the absence of receipt of the rent to calculate the approximate amount of the actual release day.Just before signing the act of acceptance and transfer of residential premises, the buyer can make check the relevant authorities for any debts.In the absence of differences and disputes made the transfer of keys to the buyer by the seller, after which the parties sign the document.

There is some other scheme.The signing of the deed of transfer and the contract for the sale of property are performed simultaneously, and then together with all the documents given at registration.In such a situation the buyer a certain degree of risk.

necessary to explain why before will sign the act of reception and transmission apartments, responsible for the apartment and its safety is the seller, and then, after the signing, the buyer.In case if there is a fire or a flood, to the signing of the responsibility will be borne by the seller, but if something happens after, the answer for this is already the buyer.Without a signed certificate, some authorities (eg, Registration Chamber of the Moscow region) will not even accept the documents, so that only remains to hope that the seller would be a decent person, and that during the period of registration of documents there will be no accidents.

Today there is no single act of transfer of the sample, but, despite some differences in the form of a document's content, its meaning remains the same.The act of reception and transmission apartments should include the following mandatory information: place and date of the document, the data on buyers and sellers, selling the exact address of the apartment, the item that the buyer shall determine whether the state of the apartment.

act of reception and transmission apartments allows a person to sell the housing, to avoid unsubstantiated claims that may bring him to the buyer.

When selling an apartment with furniture you need to make before signing a full inventory of the remaining furniture in the room.And immediately upon receipt of housing check availability of the property under the agreement.

general, regulates the transfer of property of the same name of the Civil Code, which states that the procedure is performed signed by the parties to the act of transfer or other document.The seller's obligation to transfer shall be deemed fulfilled at the time of the signing of the transfer or act.