What is an LLC or Limited Liability Company?

Every entrepreneur needs to understand that this company.Limited liability means organization, authorized capital of which includes the share distributed among the founders.She has the following traits:

- organized by the statutory fund of the equity of the founders;

- members of society have a responsibility only in an amount not exceeding the amount of the contribution;

- can create an organization as a legal or natural person;

- as the founders can be a single person or group of persons.

Analyzing what the company is worth to understand: as the owner and founder of one person can act, but as a part of society is not allowed sole presence.The number of workers can reach 50 or more.The organization of a legal entity composed of incorporation.In a limited liability company formed by the statute.Each founder has the right to withdraw and return the invested amount in full.If the contribution was carried securities or property benefits, the other parties have an obligation to return the equivalent amount in a certain period (three months).

Asked what the company should not forget that this is primarily a legal entity and, therefore, must have a legal address.Under current law, it is not allowed from the difference between the actual address specified during the registration in the tax service.Location of the company affects the efficiency of its operations, so pick up the next office or building for the company must be specific to the production or functioning of the industry.In addition, it is necessary to consider how the company's staff will get to work.Large firms provide the vehicle, thus showing care for each employee.

for the development of the company formed for the first time start-up capital, also called registered.Then, this amount serves as a reserve that can save the company in the event of adverse circumstances.In our country, the amount is set at 10 thousand rubles, the presence of which allows registration of a limited liability company.

Structure LLC includes two controls:

  1. Chief - it is a meeting of the founders, which is organized on a mandatory basis and is designed to address the most important strategic objectives.
  2. Board - it is formed at the discretion of the manager.This body belongs to an optional element in the structure of society.

At the meeting, the founders elected executive body, which solves the current problems regularly encountered in the normal course of business.As a rule, the function of the executive body of the sole management headed by general manager or president of the company.Internal check is made of special auditing committee organized for this purpose.

should be clarified that the ownership company allows changes in the constituent documents.At the same time significant changes should be reflected in the charter and registered public authority.This applies particularly to change the number of members of society.So, if their number exceeds the mark of 50, the law will have to restructure the company into a stock corporation, or create a production cooperative.

Some economic entities have temporarily idle cash and want to invest it profitably, thinking about what a company and whether it start entity.In practice, such relationships are frequent, and the obstacles to such an agreement is not in the legislation.There is only one condition: as part of the economic entity should be more than one person.